New York Giants

The Good – A team that has sneaky talent littered across a defense that ranks 3rd in passing yards given up this season. Saquon Barkley is easily the brightest spot on this team alongside a promising rookie quarterback in Jabari Moon.

The Bad – Jabari Moon is only a “Normal Dev”, and John Ross III is this team’s leading receiver. The Giant’s defense is dead last in stopping the run. Despite being deep in the playoffs, this team has not developed in a way that Giant’s fans are happy about.

The Ugly – At 3-10, the best thing about this offensive line is 30-year-old Andrew Norwell. That’s about it. A team with talented skill positions can’t convert efficiently on key downs and can’t protect the quarterback. But more importantly the new head coach has been critical of the team’s roster. Expect Major offseason moves.

Washington Football Team 

The Good – This team certainly has talent to work with. Speedster tight end, Jacob Harris has proven to be an elite level talent and safety net for rookie Tory Freeman. A defense flush with young players at all three levels is promising for the development of this team with tons of potential. Tied for first in the NFC East at 5-8

The Bad – Potential just means you haven’t done anything yet and Washington hasn’t. At 5-8 Washington fans are hoping for a division title that is still up for grabs, but they are also waiting for Terry Mclaurin and Curtis Samuel to shine, but they sit at 3rd and 4th for most receptions on the team. 

The Ugly – Washington is paying Derek Carr $19 million this season to sit behind a rookie quarterback that has thrown 18 more interceptions than he has touchdowns. Still time to get this team in the right place

Dallas Cowboys 

The Good – You could almost say that the Cowboys have too much talent. Legitimate stars all over this offense and defense, including a backup running back that could start for quite a few teams and we can’t leavce out Micah Parsons. Still technically alive for a division title.

The Bad – The Cowboys are 3-10 and we must face facts. This is the definition of a team under achieving. Too much talent not developing the way you would want, makes you concerned for how players attitudes will be when approached to sign new deals. 

The Ugly – Does it get any uglier than being ranked 32nd in points given up? Fans never thought they would be calling for Jerry Jones to bring Jason Garrett back, but they really didn’t expect for the head coach to refer them as “sheep” for doing so. 

Philadelphia Eagles

The Good – Tied for the division lead and the favorite to win the division the Eagles have become the hardest team to run against. Jalen Hurts has answered every question he has needed to and is the clear-cut franchise QB. Jalen is spreading the wealth in Philly and has a career high 33 passing touchdowns so far this season.

The Bad – Well, they are 5-8 and we know teams will have trouble running against them, but that just means any quarterback facing this secondary will be a potential player of the week candidate. 

The Ugly – The window is closing for Philadelphia. Many of the top-rated players on this team are nearing the ends of their careers and unless management addresses the upcoming needs properly. We could start to see a decline from an already slightly below average season.

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