Its the most wonderful time of the year. The first draft. The new players thrown into the fire known as Top Madden. Its exciting and we got a break down of all 32 picks of the 1st round. RIGHT. HERE.

1.1 New York Giants – Jabari Moon, QB

You hate to see a team return to drafting QB in early first round so soon, but the Giants cut their losses with Jones and find themselves a more prototypical pocket QB. With plenty of talent to throw too, Moon is in a perfect position to show the league why he had the best arm out of this class with 95 throw power and fantastic accuracy. While not the athlete Daniel Jones is, there is some sneaky athleticism from him which is enough to extend plays should the pocket break. He becomes the first Michigan St Spartan to be take 1 overall since 1967 where Bubba Smith was taken by the Baltimore Colts.

Pro Comp: Jamies Winston

1.2 Carolina Panthers – Bart Gilbert, QB

After a brief break from the mobile QB meta, the Panthers are back at it taking the speedy Bart Gilbert at 2nd overall. Gilbert lit up the Pac 12 this year with blazing speed and some impressive strength to boot. Gilbert is everything you want in a dual threat QB whose only concern was his zip. The Panthers now possess the fastest offense in Top Madden, so let’s see if speed is king.

Pro Comp: Deshaun Watson

1.3 Tennessee Titans – Jermaine Goode, WR

Looking at the Titans roster, you may not see WR as a position of need, but Bogey is long term thinking. He knows Julio’s days are numbered and Goode is well… good as it gets. The 6ft5 monster shocked the league with a flashy 4.28 at his pro day and is the first hidden dev player taken in the draft. With the height to play outside, and the speed to play inside… Goode will be a lethal weapon to help open this offense up even more. The league saw DK Metcalf slip in the draft despite impressive combine numbers, and it doesn’t look like anyone wanted to miss out on that kind of talent this time around.

Pro Comp: DK Metcalf

1.4 Houston Texans – Brandon Randolph, CB

The Texans surprisingly bypass the impressive WR group to take the tall Randolph. At Oregon used his elite length and speed to really lock up receivers and was also impressive against the run. A n elite athlete should spark a fire on this defense as Cody looks to prove himself an AFC contender.

Pro Comp: Jalen Ramsey

1.5 Dallas Cowboys – Roy Dale, EDGE

At 83 speed the 280 pound pass rusher will make a big impact on a team that desperately needs to create pressure. The ability to slide inside on nickel packages while having the speed to play edge is something special and its why the Cowboys went after him in the top 5 pick.

Pro Comp: Pernell McPhee

1.6 New York Jets – Nathaniel Collins, WR

The 5ft10 receiver was easily the fastest in the class on combine day and it shows here with his 95 speed. A must see player after the catch slides in well with an offense that passed the ball well last year. Collins would be a top 10 pick if he didn’t have elite speed, but it doesn’t hurt that he isn’t lacking in that department. Expect day 1 impact for this A+ pick at 1.6

Pro Comp: Marquise Brown

1.7 Washington Football Team – Tory Freeman, QB

And it is the WFT who lands the first hidden dev QB of the class. A solid young QB with all the intangibles. Enough arm to get the ball where it needs and enough mobility. He looks like he has a bright future throwing to a stud offense. Ahard joined late this cycle but has enough talent to contend, expect Freeman to light up the stat sheet early.

Pro Comp: Mac Jones

1.8 Cleveland Browns – Arthur McDougald, EDGE

With the release of Clowney, the Browns desperately fill their edge across of Myles. Not quite the athlete that Garrett is, he possesses some of the best technically sound skill moves in the class. A solid athlete that will thrive across the games best.

Pro Comp: Shaq Barrett

1.9 Cincinnati Bengals – Stefan Jones, SS

The hidden dev safety simply put, is disgusting. One of the first Sub LB eligible rookie safeties and with 90 speed he is going to be all over the place. A perfect fit for Cincy who needed both help at safety and linebacker, they nail one of the best pure athletes in the class.

Pro Comp: Keanu Neal

1.10 Philadelphia Eagles – Harold Suttle, DT

Theres nothing subtle about the unique talents of Harold Suttle. The Oregon Duck possesses elite athleticim for the position to go with his massive 6ft6 frame. I don’t even quite know what a comp is for him but the Eagles just got that much better at stopping Saquon and Zeke.

Pro Comp: Jadaveon Clowney + 50lbs.

1.11 New England Patriots – Thad McDougle, FS

Where has Top Madden seen a 90 speed 6ft4 Free safety before? The Pats replace Devin McCourty with one of the best athletes in the draft. He’s tall, rangey, and a menace in run defense. EG grabs his draft crush at 11 and that defense is gonna be spicy.

Pro Comp: Ellis MF Reese

1.12 Cleveland Browns – Donovan Elliott, DT

And the winner of the best young DL in NFL history, the BROWNS! Elliott is a phenomenal defensive talent and considered possibly the best true player in this draft. While the normal dev stings, hes just fucking mean. 91 strength, 79 speed at 310lbs is terrifying and theres no double teaming him when Myles is on the field. Good luck AFC North, good luck.

Pro Comp: Derrick Brown

1.13 Minnesota Vikings – Andrew Kane, QB

With the steal of the draft, the Vikings move back from 1.1 and end up with one of the best QBs in the draft. A big tall QB with fantastic speed, Kane is said to be the QB most likely to develop into a super star. A clear day 1 start for Minnesota and they got 2 more firsts to add some talent to this team. A+ pick.

Pro Comp: Cam Newton

1.14 Atlanta Falcons – Dave Shelton, LB

The Falcons have one of the leagues premiere linebackers in Deion Jones, but they need him to be because every fellow off ball linebacker is a ghost town in coverage. Shelton is a quick linebacker with great instincts against the run and was LB1 on many boards. The Falcons were playoff contenders all year and they think adding the KJ Wright to their Bobby Wagner is the key here.

Pro Comp: Dre Greenlaw

1.15 Philadelphia Eagles – Corey Gaddis, SS

Corey Gladdis is one of the most instinctual players in the class. Combine that with elite burst and Corey will provide a lot of options for this Eagles defense. They already added some talent to the DL, and now Gladdis adds a dynamic athlete who can play the run and is quite capable in coverage.

Pro Comp: Minkah Fitzpatrick

1.16 Kansas City Chiefs – Steven Gamble, MLB

Not long after Shelton do we see Gamble leave the boards. Gamble is tall and electrifying at the point of attack. A high speed and high power athlete who many would consider an edge rusher if he wasn’t so good off the ball. Next to Willie Gay, the KC linebacker corps is going to dominate the box.

Pro Comp: Tremaine Edmunds

1.17 New York Jets – TJ Becht, DT

The Jets attacked offense earlier with their first pick, now they sure up the defensive side of the ball. Becht is a tall athlete and at 317 its wild he has 83 speed. With quick feet, the Penn State grad is sure to see the field early and often.

Pro Comp: you know any 6ft6 320lbs dudes running 4.6? terron armstead but fucking defense idk

1.18 Denver Broncos – Garrison Van Dyke, DT

The Broncos had one of the leagues best defenses last year, this year they have an offense to take advantage of it. Denver knows how important the front 7 is, and this is a luxury pick to their defense. Garrison is a big run stuffer with elite strength.

Pro Comp: Justin Madubuike

1.19 Baltimore Ravens – Roman Fulton, SS

To be a first round safety for the Baltimore Ravens, the name Ed Reed will fly around as the bar was set by the GOAT. As a young safety that must be a lot to handle, now, imagine being a young safety drafted to the Ravens FROM MIAMI!. Fulton flat out is a stud. solid speed, 6ft2 with a lot of range and can bang in the box with the big boys. While he has a ways to go before he listed among the greats in Ravens history, theres no doubt the Ravens snag a top 5 defensive talent to add to their playoff caliber roster.

Pro Comp: Justin Simmons

1.20 Carolina Panthers – Mike Gaffney, RT

The Panthers trade up to snag a RT they feel can be a difference maker. Very athletic Mike is just another key piece to protecting their rookie QB and a solid grab.

1.21 New Orleans Saints – Clifton Newberry, QB

Heading into the offseason many were confused why they traded for Derek Carr just to lose him to Free Agency. This pick silenced everyone. Newberry is fucking mean! very capable on the move and some great arm talent. G$ surprised many when he made the playoffs, now he reloads with an exciting young QB prospect.

Pro Comp: Justin Fields

1.22 Minnesota Vikings – Ramon Allen, EDGE

The Vikings benefit again off their trade back and grab the fastest edge in the class. Allen is fast, strong and a perfect compliment to Danielle Hunter. Hidden dev to boot makes Allen a must watch.

Pro Comp: Josh Allen

1.23 Las Vegas Raiders – LaMichael Reese, QB

A little questionable for the Raiders to take Reese after getting Mariota to star dev. Reese is a good mobile QB who, like many in this class, is very exciting on extended plays. The Raiders were solid and now land a QB who they think can carry them deeper into the playoffs.

Pro Comp: Marcus Mariota

1.24 Las Vegas Raiders – Zach Beck, EDGE

The Raiders make another decision to move on from Maxx Crosby to draft a similar athlete. Zach didn’t help his draft position with his combine, but he is one of the more polished pass rushers in all phases. He excellent in run defense with 84 strength expect him to lock up the edge.

Pro Comp: Yetur Gross-Matos

1.25 Miami Dolphins – BJ Jones, RG

1.26 Detroit Lions – Hal Borden, DT

At 320lbs, Hal Borden is a fucking tank and his 81 speed is mind blowing for someone his size. Solid power moves he should be a day one starter inside for Detroit. It’s quite the perfect pick for a defense looking to stop from being dominated inside.

Pro Comp: Fletcher Cox

1.27 Philadelphia Eagles – Devante Graves, CB

An underrated draft, the Eagles land 3 hidden dev players included Graves a 93 speed corner that is filthy across Slay. The Eagles are a team that have dev’d nicely and are looking to make a playoff run after barely missing the bubble.

Pro Comp: Darius Slay

1.28 San Francisco 49ers – Brett Jennings, HB

The Niners have plenty of talent in the backfield, but Jennings is the clear BPA who simply fell into their lap. The niners were red hot last year and made it to the second round, so feeling confident they grab another offensive weapon to open up the playbook. Jennings is a great combination of speed and acceleration. The Bulldog joins the elite UGA RBs to make it to the league and should thrive with Lance and Derek in SF.

Pro Comp: Alvin Kamara

1.29 Detroit Lions – Denzel Reynauld, WR

At 6ft3 230lbs, Reynauld is a big guy who moves like a slot. The Lions did trade for Myles Boykin, but can’t pass up a chance to solidify a WR1 across from Gallup. Reynauld is a big body for the red zone but is useful everywhere.

Pro Comp: Bigger, Faster AJ Brown

1.30 Los Angeles Chargers – Carl Stills, DT

The Chargers ran into some tough offenses to end their 2021. But adding Carl Stills to the team is a big part of winning the AFC. Warren is no stranger to taking nobodies on draft day and making them studs, so Still will pop up in a few seasons as a superstar and no one will know why.

1.31 Green Bay Packers – Jon Goldstein, QB

Goldstein is just the next elite QB to end up in Green Bay. A fantastic pick and a fantastic athlete. 84 speed, 91 throw power and hidden dev. King was playing with fire this offseason but landing a hidden dev quarterback this late is luck only a 17-0 user could have. Great pick.

Pro Comp: Baker Mayfield

1.32 Green Bay Packers – Marcus Gilyard, RT

The Packers add protection to this offense looking to repeat their NFC dominance. A great value pick here for King who may have won the first round with these last two picks.

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