I’m a bored college student so I figured why not procrastinate my homework a little longer and write up some spicy content for the league. Here are my MVP candidates through week 5 of season 1.

Patrick Mahomes

This is the obvious frontrunner so far as Mahomes is leading the league in passing yards, TDs, and is extremely efficient with a 72% completion percentage. The Chiefs have gotten off to a solid start, and I believe it’s very possible 3 teams from this division make it to the playoffs. If Donny continues to dominate through the air, I don’t believe this race will be close.

Josh Allen

Allen is putting together one of the better passing seasons I have seen from a QB. He’s only 7th in passing yards, but he’s top 5 in passing TDs and only has 3 INTs with a 73% completion percentage. I don’t believe Madden really cares how many interceptions someone throws, but this could end up being a historic season if he keeps up the efficiency. I believe SoleDrive has the skill to keep these passing numbers up, but its gonna be tough to beat out Mahomes.

Justin Herbert

Warren has never been much of a passer, but Herbert is tied for 2nd in passing yards and and 2nd in passing TDs. I’m not too familiar with the league yet, but it seems like if Warren is able to find his passing game, we are all fucked. Being in his division, I hope he completely falls apart through the air, but that seems very unlikely to happen

Cam Akers

Enough with the quarterbacks, Cam Akers is the real deal and is the top competition for Mahomes. Through 5 weeks, he has almost 800 rushing yards (about 300 more then the next rusher) and 9 TDs on the ground. Some RBs would be content with those numbers on the season, but he already has these stats and we aren’t even half way through the season. He hasn’t gotten a ton of work through the air which may hurt his chances, but he has been straight up dominate so far. Shoutout Ptown for dominating on the ground in a madden where passing is much easier.

And that about wraps up the top contenders. A few guys like Mariota, Mixon, Tua, and basically all the other QBs could make a push for MVP, buts I personally think one of the guys I described will end up with the award, especially Mahomes or Akers.

By Nubes

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