Madden 22 has been exactly what we’ve expected it to be, a complete mess. With EA deciding to push back the scouting patch Top Madden took charge and started the league early. While only running one season before a restart, we are going to take a look at a few notable points of interest through Week 4.

  • There is no defense
  • Anyone who says there is defense hasn’t played someone who is playing with their monitor on.
  • Burger town’s population increases each week
  • AFC= 26 wins NFC= 24 wins
  • 213 thrown touchdowns 180 Ints
  • Your passing yards leader thus far…Marcus Mariota with 1,652
  • Tyreek Hill has 13 catches and 7 of those are touchdowns
  • Quenton Nelson with the most sacks allowed (3)
  • Longest FG 58 yards by Evan Mcpherson (Cin)

Teams who haven’t lost yet:

Packers (King)

Ravens (Allen)

Bucs (Ricky)

Bills (Khalil)

Bears (Willie)

Chargers (Warren)

The win less:

Giants (Nekko)

Panthers (Grid)

Dolphins (Jordan)

Titans (Bogey)

Cowboys (Danny)

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