There’s a lot to cover with the recap this week. New users make their debut in Top Madden, everyone has new teams to figure out, and of course we gotta highlight the big performances. Remember to check the stream links discord channel in order to catch all Top Madden Action as well as the Red Zone stream every Monday night on the TopMaddenGaming twitch stream.

*note: yes all the games aren’t done, but unless you want me to be overwhelmed content wise, I gotta stay on top of things, so yes a game may occur with better stats but keep in mind I’m gonna do my best here*

New Faces, New Contenders

The Jets start off red hot as Digga debuts in Carolina with an impressive start to his Top Madden career. Running back Ty Johnson dominated with 121 yards and 2 TDs on the day but the real story was Marcus Peters picking off not 1, not 2, but 3 passes from Sam Darnold. Digga is a CFM veteran but his first taste of Top Madden is sweet. He heads into week 2 taking on another new time user, EG Artist.

Speaking of EG Artist. The Patriots shocked Red Zone viewers last night with a clutch 4th quarter drive to take the lead late against Jordan’s Dolphins. Despite some early slip ups on Jaylen Waddle deep balls, the Patriots managed well in the TOP department totaling 150 yards on the ground and 3 touchdowns. He made a ton of clutch plays including this 97 yard reception to James White. The Pats win 35-28 over Miami.

Hidden behind the many day 1 games, Bengals user Harpdaddy made his debut in Top against the Minnesota Vikings. The Bengals won comfortably behind some fantastic defensive play along with a dominant performance by Joe Mixon with 142 yards and 3 TDs on the day. Harpdaddy joined the league after a raid from TheActualCC and has been excited to get in some franchise games. Volhar on the other hand, has some work to do. He made the decision to start Kellen Mond over Kirk Cousins so there will be some expected growing pains with this team as they try to build behind the youth.

Hilton makes an acrobatic snag for the INT.

Players of the Week

Lamar racked up 4 touchdowns and over 410 total yards on hi way to a 38-37 victory. Despite the high volume and shoot out style game Lamar was able to complete 80% of his passes earning the first OPOTW award.

Marcus dominated the former Jet QB Sam Darnold on his way to 3 interceptions. Its not often a cornerback picks off that many passes and this feat is enough to earn Marcus the Top Madden DPOTW award.

Wentz Big Day

While many quarterbacks had great week ones, its hard to argue a QB played better than Carson Wentz. Carson went 9/11 with 3 TD passes to route the Seahawks 38-20. Just a sound efficient day all around from Indy leads to a solid week 1 victory for Hellcat, a user known for his high risk, high reward passing offense.

Must See Plays:

Justin Fields finds Allen Robinson deep for his first NFL touchdown.
Felipe Franks finds rookie WR Brown for a touchdown to bring the game within 10 against the Chargers.
Daniel Jones delivers a downfield dot to a wide open Evan Engram despite the pressure in his face. Also lol at Steel for usering DL like a scrub.

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