It no surprise to see Danny and Warren a class above the rest of the league in preseason rankings, but the pair both run two of maddens best franchises and theres a good chance they have a friendly rivalry in the last week of the year.

1. Dallas Cowboys – Danny

The Cowboys are down right ridiculous and a perfect fit for any team that Danny controls. An offense loaded with talent is prime for the user to throw for 40 TDs and less than 10 INTs in a season last year with Kyler. Even better, the overpaid running back is actually worth the dollars as Zeke will surely be an MVP caliber talent. Paired in a division containing Ty and new users Nekko and Harpdaddy Danny should skate to a top 2 seed come playoff time.

2. Los Angeles Chargers – Warren

Fin, how can you put the 3x M21 Champ behind anyone on this list? Simply put, strength of schedule favors Danny. Warren is in the death division, and while he maintains the favorite for many, there may be a few tough losses early in the cycle. Warren will be taking over a team that is night and day different than the Colts last year. A superstar at QB, and tons of defensive Talent Warren is primed for another multi-belt cycle.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ricky

A late addition to the league, Ricky made noise in the AFC last year with multiple deep playoff runs. And that was with Taysom Hill.. now he takes over the best roster in Madden with no shortage of elite talent. Ricky, known primarily for his man defense, is a sure favorite for the NFC south if he can find ways to reproduce his success in Buffalo.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – Donny

One of two users who won their first ring in Top Madden last cycle, Donny built one of the best rosters the league has ever seen in Philly. This year, he starts out with that roster. Donny multi level passing offense is a perfect fit for KC and the walking TD machine known as Patrick Mahomes. Expect Donny to contend for the AFC W or at the very least, nab one of the 3 wild card spots.

5. Buffalo Bills – SoleDrive

Khalil was an NFC power house last cycle that could never make it to the big show. His methodical offense and high level football IQ constantly put him in positions to dominate his opponents. Khalil heads north to Buffalo this year and has an offense that is…quite the opposite of his M21 approach. Khalil is no stranger to being pass first having won an MVP with his QB in m20. Joining him in the east is D-I-G-G-A, EG Artist, and Jordan. So the competition level is a big question mark and Khalil will be expected to lead the pack.

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