Game: New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

Whats at stake: The two meet for the first time since the AFCCG last season, and this one also holds weight. The winner of this game will be the AFC 1 seed and earn a bye week.

Game: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

Whats at stake: The Ravens can move up and down depending on this matchup. Should they win and the Patriots lose, they gain the 2 seed in the AFC playoff picture. Should they lose, they are relegated to the wildcard as the Steelers hold the division record tie breaker.

Game: Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay

Whats at stake: The Cardinals are holding onto the 1 seed if they squeak out a win, and the Packers are trying to retain the 3rd seed. Big NFC matchup here.

Game: Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints

If the Cowboys can go on to win their 14th straight game, they have a shot at the 1 seed should Arizona slip up and lose to GB.

Game: Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If Green Bay loses, the Panthers can steal away the third seed if they win against Tampa Bay.

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