Near the end of the season its fun to take a peak at some of the obscure stats in the league and see if there’s anyone who surprises on those charts. This go around we take a peak at the Red Zone efficiency. Lets take a look at the best Redzone offenses and defenses this cycle.


5. Cleveland Browns (54.54%)

The Browns have allowed just 24 touchdowns on 44 red zone possessions on defense. No surprise with the talent that they have in Myles Garret and DB that when the fields shrinks the going gets tough.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (54%)

Another AFC North team makes an appearance, good luck scoring in the red zone against these guys. William Jackson has been a dominant force outside and is a huge reason this defense is solid inside the 20.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (52.7%)

The Ravens were bottom 5 on offensive RZ efficiency, do you understand why? They played the three AFC N teams on this list. Maybe this is the toughest division in Top? The Steelers 3-4 base shines like Ryan Shaziers bald ass head in the red zone. It already a bitch to score against Troy, now when you cant beat his Cover 4 over the top, what you gonna do?

2. Arizona Cardinals (52.5)

21/40 in allowed RZ touchdowns, the Cardinals secondary is top tier when they are backed up against a wall. Patrick Peterson has 12 picks leading all cornerbacks in pass break ups, this team gets it done.

  1. Buffalo Bills (47.2)

Not only are they the most efficient RZ defense, they rank 2 in allowed RZ attempts allowing just 36 on the season. The common thing on this list is talented secondaries, and Micah Hyde leads the league in INTs with 16 which is a large reason for Buffalo being the only team to allow under 50% of their Red zone possessions to result in 7 points.


5. Arizona Cardinals (69.3%)

The Cards are the only team to make both the offense and defense lists here. The Cardinals are fucking disgusting on offense and its no surprise they are equally effective in the RZ. Hop requires a double team, Kyler requires a spy, and Ertz requires a double team. What they fuck are you even supposed to do?

4. Kansas City Chiefs (71.4%)

The only team with more weapons than AZ, is the Chiefs who land at 4 on our list. Kelce and CEH are the main weapons here, but don’t sleep on the horizontal jet sweep game to Hill and Hardman. And if that wasn’t enough to make you lose sleep at night, Dwayne Hurts is the 6ft4 rookie who can high point with the best of them.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (71.6%)

The Eagles get it done differently, on the ground. RZ touchdowns are a major reason Donny won his first title last season, from contested catches by Dallas Goedert to the typical Miles Sanders ground and pound, Philly is all about finishing out their drives with 6.

2. Carolina Panthers (71.7%)

A little confused on this one, Ian Thomas is one of Teddy’s favorite targets but they really lack a true Red Zone monster. CMC may be the main culprit for their success but really, Dan might just be a top decision maker in these scenarios.

  1. Theres no fucking way

no like for real

this team?

are you kidding me?



  1. New York


Yes thats right. The Jets at a league leading 72.1% lead the league in RZ efficiency with 31 touchdowns on their 43 visits. The rookie quarterback Cameron Hopkins has solid weapons no doubt with Adam Thielen and Perriman.. but how? I have no clue but it is Derek who ranks a top the league in Red zone efficiency. Who fucking new.

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