Power rankings are fun for you, but the fucking worst for me. I can’t stand writing 32 paragraphs just for half the teams to not read it. It sucks. Instead, new segments like this will occur.

The Top Madden top 10. Top 10 what? teams? players? users? toads? The possibilities are as endless as a Davey Tony politics argument and we are only getting started.


  1. Arizona is scorching hot literally and ..digital-football-attively. Seriously Kyler has less incomplete passes than Nick Escobar has interceptions and I honest to god think half of his opponents have forgotten that DeAndre Hopkins is on the Cardinals from the way he has been left 1 on 1 against virtually every CB2 he has played. The clear MVP favorite and clear Super Bowl favorite in my opinion.
  2. The three loss Pittsburgh Steelers (tf fin?) Yes he lost to Ptown and yes he lost to Boom. But The Steelers dominated three of the AFC favorites in a fucking row. The Bye and then a division matchup against the 5-1 Ravens can give us a better idea but with TJ Watt healthy, this Steelers team is fucking ridiculous
  3. NB is making his name known in his first full season in Top. The Giants have been mighty impressive and rookie Ty Cadet has an honest case for DPOTY. Criticism may come due to their last place division schedule, but seeing how they rebound after their first loss will be fun.
  4. Every Colts loss has the same Denominator, Run defense. Addressing that with the massive Watt trade, its no surprise that he has handled Derrick Henry easily this season. Despite this, they rank 19th against the as theres just something not working, or…maybe he doesn’t care because he knows you have to hang 40 to beat him, and theres not but 2 teams in the league that can score that while running as their first option.
  5. Is Arlen for real? He is 6-1 but he’s lost to the only team over .500 that he has played. Tuesday he gets just his second test of the season but he remains one of the only 1 loss teams in the league.
  6. Kyle’s impressive season 1 has been determined legit as he starts season 2 off in dominant fashion. XF Chase Young is a fucking animal and leads a top 5 defense. The offense however, needs to be cleaned up especially in the passing game but 6-1 with a first place schedule is right where the football team wants to be.
  7. Pick an AFC East team at this point. They all sit at 2 losses with a circle of beating eachother. Miami beat the Pats, the Pats beat the Bills, and the Bills destroyed Miami. The Patriots are building a young offensive corps while trying to keep the defense equally youthful, getting Tarik and Guy back certainly help them. The Bills and Josh Allen are read hot and have the firepower to take on anyone in the league, but with their HB hurt can they grind out games to victories. The Dolphins are having their big breakout as their stars are becoming super stars and the abilties are only helping this team play their game and win. The Bills-Dolphins game at vance is a must watch.
  8. See point 7
  9. Again see point 7
  10. The Top Team in the AFC West is the….Chargers? With a top 2 run defense? They have wins over Ptown, Donny, and Willie..not to mention they lost to the Bills and WFT by a combined total of 5 points. The Chargers are not playing games, Shrimp will be in the playoffs you can count on it.

Top 10 Rookies

1 Eddie Cardona, WR, San Francisco


2. Ron Capps, WR, Detroit


3. Cassius Ballard, WR, New England


4. Tyquan Cadet, LB, New York


5. Denario Foster, CB, New Orleans


6. Kareem Childs, DT, Denver


7. Jamal McNeil, WR, Arizona


8. Nelson Meadows, CB, San Francisco


9. Tyrell Jefferson, QB, Minnesota


10. Joey Cooper, HB, San Francisco


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