I’m bored, heres a nickname for each relevant rookie in the league. Some just a play on words, others…maybe some shade…most? low effort comedy.

  1. Ron “Thats” Capps
  2. Nick “Pablo” Escobar
  3. Kareem “make your OL look like a” Childs
  4. Eddie “would run a go” Cardona
  5. Denario “Harrison Smith” Foster
  6. Tavon “The Youngest Ball Bro” Ball
  7. Kyle “Givens Lamar the Ball Back” Givens
  8. Tyquan “Ty” Cadet
  9. Aaron “Cost-the offense 10 yards for holding” Costello
  10. Brayden “southeast region high school 4×100 relay champ” Bowers
  11. Terrance “Nancy Boy” Nance
  12. Jamal “Kendrick Bourne” McNeil
  13. Thomas “jesus fuck this rookie is shitting on marcus cannon rn” Dyson
  14. Joey “Low Floor” Cooper
  15. Pierre “Peter” Griffin
  16. Steven “Khalil’s Actual Father” Abraham
  17. Benjamin “Ben” Carden
  18. Cassius “Cash” Ballard
  19. Cameron “Cam 2” Hopkins
  20. Tyrell “BBQB” Jefferson

By Fin

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