Wagwan Top Madden fam. Its ya boy Fin you already kno feelin mad bless this morning. Them boys in Philly won a title last night got them Colts looking mad beat fam. Lets break it down for ya.

The game started mad quick bro, got my mans cheesed when Eason hit TY on the Deeeep ball for 6. Then Julian Blackmon got my mans Donny lookin foolish with the int and two-twos Taylor scores to make it a 14-0 game.

Donny on the sideline mad cheesed bro, the defense comin with mad excuses but my mans said “uh-uh nize it fam cause lowkey, lowkey you getting merked rn fam, you not bless. You tryna make moves? Cause rn you bozos suck, we tryna win a ring bruv, you tryna look greezy with a ring fam? Yo differently, you need to fix it up.”

And fix it up Philly did, as they drive down the field and score on a Miles Sanders touchdown run.

Next drive for Indy, mans Cox gave this mans Eason a deafaz and the pass is short right to Avante Maddox for the pick and a few plays later we equal at 14-14 with a Miles Sanders toss for his second TD on the day.

Next drive Avante Maddox picks Eason off again fam, like Jacob are you dumb fam? are you dumb? Philly goin in fam at his point bruv. They marved for that ring ya feel.

At this point fam, it got bad ya heard. Wentz and Donny wheeling and dealin bare touchdowns bruv. Goedert ballin with a TD to make it 24-17.

They got my mans Taylor cuffed on 4th and 1 on the goal line, and then. fam. it got lit.

Mans hit the waste yute with a jet sweep to Quez and fam told em Run up freak as he danced into the end zone 33-14.

Philly controls the game from there and its all over as Toronto mans gets his first ring. Congratulations Donny.

By Fin

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