1. Indianapolis Colts

The Qb struggles have cleared up and this team is putting up 40 a game. The schedule doesn’t get much tougher either as the Colts may just 16-0 this bad boy.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

A big win with Mahomes out shows that this Chiefs team can adapt and overcome against any team. The most high powered offense in the league just needs to stay healthy until playoffs.

3. New England Patriots

A rough two game skid sees the Patriots trying to figure things out. One of the more active teams on the roster turnover side, the Pats are hoping they didn’t do too much and hurt the defense more than it helped, though RB Tarik Cohen has shined with 5 straight 100 yard games.

4. Arizona Cardinals

4 straight 50 point games, including a 59 point outburst against the Cowboys. Arizona rightfully tops all the NFC teams as they have been Jamal Murray levels of unstoppable. Must be the last name I guess.

5. Buffalo Bills

Tied atop the AFC East, the Bills have dominated on the defensive side of the ball with Micah Hyde leading the league with 7 interceptions. They are still young on offense but plenty of skill to compete for the division.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers suffer their first loss to inter-state rival Philly. The Steelers have been lights out on defense and have a very underrated rushing attack with McFarland. Limiting the passing turnovers will be their key to winning the division that they hold a solid lead in.

7. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry is on pace for 2,600 yards. Better than even the Barkley years of Top Madden. The Titans must be fucking infuriating to play. They average 25 runs and 22 passes a game, so if you end up with Pittjas on the schedule then you better get your defense right.

8. Green Bay Packers

Love and the boys survive Tom Brady last night as the rookie continues to play well and win games for Green Bay. Big win as they pull ahead in the North.

9. Carolina Panthers

While they sport a top 3 passing defense, the Panthers are struggling to keep their opponents under 30 points. They appraoch the easier part of their schedule so maybe it was just a tough opening to the year.

10. New Orleans Saints

Injuries are hurting this team a bit as well as a couple bad performances. A bad loss to Green Bay and almost choking a big lead against the Chargers are not indicitive of a team that can beat the Panthers for the division, that being said, they play soon. Must watch TV.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have looked extremely good outside of a few games. Big wins against the undefeated Steelers and Rams have them in serious talks for a SB appearance, but then they struggled heavy against SF. They clean up thier game and they are clear contenders.

12. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are seeing the ghost of Andy Isabella all week this week. They need to put this loss behind them and refocus cause the NFC East is THE hardest division in Top.

13. Washington Football Team

A week 7 matchup against Dallas will give us a clearer picture on the state of the division. The WFT has looked fantastic on offense but a really tough second half against the Rams lands the WFT in 13 on our list. But they are prime to get back into the top 10.

14. Cleveland Browns

Jose improves the roster even more with the addition of Sheldon Rankins. They need to win their matchups against Pittsburgh but more importantly, they need to improve on defense as they allow over 35 points a game.

15. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams bounce back from 0-3 to 3-3, but theres work to be done. They haven’t been the cleanest team at the start of games and can’t afford to try to claw back every week.

16. Miami Dolphins

This season is moving quickly but the Dolphins are on the fast track to a wild card spot. The first two weeks of losses have put these guys into 5th gear as they accelerate up the league standings and power rankings.

17. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are in danger of being the odd man out if they can’t finish their games out. Ty is adjusting to actually using his tight end as a focal point in the offense but once he figures it out, the Niners are a prime roster. They face New England in week 7 in a big matchup.

18. Las Vegas Raiders

Ptown doing Ptown things. Takes multiple losses and then beats up on Willie. Never change bud.

19. Seattle Seahawks

Smacked with a massive suspension, the Seahawks just need to survive if playoffs is on the mind. A win against Minnesota was key and they got the job done.

20. Houston Texans

The Texans simply haven’t looked good. A lot of garbage time stats and prayers put them in bad positions to try and win games.

21. Chicago Bears

The Bears are on the downfall as they can’t keep the play they started the year with. Downside is, they are going to have to be okay with more Trubisky issues next season too.

22. Cincinnati Bengals

Its not pretty. getting away from NE hasn’t helped Davey much and he can’t seem to put a full game together. Mixon has looked like quite the cherry topping of this dumpster fire.

23. New York Jets

One team on the rise, they looked mighty impressive in their second game under new management. Expect the Jets to rise but ultimately not compete for playoffs this year.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

A valiant effort on the comeback against the Saints, the Chargers are struggling through the air during their losing streak.

25. Denver Broncos

Woat is in rebuild mode right now and Chubb to SS has been step one. Once he is locked in and these youngs guys are dev’d up, the Broncos will be a force to reckon with.

26. Atlanta Falcons

Not much better in virtual Georgia than what happened Sunday irl. The Falcons just aren’t ready to win right now. But grid can build this team.

27. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are trying to get Cook involved but something just seems to not be clicking. The defense has been abysmal and overall its just a rough start for the Vikings.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags net their first win on the season though its not the only time they have looked impressive. The skill is there, just need the pieces. The draft class looks solid so that’s encouraging for Jacksonville.

29. New York Giants

The Giants were always going to be a rebuild team, its just the issue of if they can actually be rebuilt before Madden 22.

30. Baltimore Ravens

Turns out the only cancer Arlen can’t sure is his offense. The strides taken in M20 have not translated as they cannot seem to put together anything on offense.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mamba impresses in his M21 debut but its not enough to secure a win. Like the jets, we may see Tampa fly up the charts now that the user has show up to play.

32. Detroit Lions

Tony has some work, but this Lions roster is abysmal at best. Continue to grind, the pieces are there.

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