The AFC West is going to be….fun. What I enjoy about this division is that all four members are chat regulars so there will be a lot of gen chat exposure. Two Top Champions find their way into the AFC West, but unless one reinvents himself, it looks like this division may have a repeat winner all cycle.

Schedule – AFC E/ NFC S

Willie – Chiefs

Willie has won multiple titles for Top over the years but none outside of Chicago. That being said, the Chiefs fall to Willie and he will have no problems finding ways to win with that talent. Willie deserves respect for being able to win with any kind of offense. He has won with air raid offenses, power run offenses, and I believe him to be one of the best user defense players in the league. Expect Willie to be an early favorite for the AFC Title and year 1 and 2 SB, after that his battle will be with the cap.

Raiders – Ptown

Ptown is back, the M19 Season 2 champion with his 8 tackles and 9 running backs, Ptown is finally the coach of the Raiders and this motivation may return him to the Ptown of the past. The Army stifled what may have been the best madden offense I’ve ever seen with Russell Wilson, Tyreek Hill, Paris Campbell, and XF Chris Carson. But this time he is focused and ready to play.

Woat – Broncos

fuck woat.

Shrimp – Chargers

Shrimp has been a long time user of Top who found a real breakthrough in his passing game at the end of last cycle. While I don’t think Shrimp is in position to compete for the division, I think he gets better playing the talent in his division and will be a pest in those division games all cycle.

Woat – Broncos

okay, Woat gets a real writeup. Woat is a former cm and a current TC member who landed a very fun and devvable Broncos roster with ridiculous talent everywhere. Woat is a user who can find himself in playoff contention this cycle as he has spent some time in some tough divisions last cycle. If playaction is as good as it looks to be this cycle, Woat might go M18 on us and make an AFC Championship game.

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