Outside of Eagles users, the NFC East rarely has repeat visitors. The Giants have been the team that dominates this division from M19 and M20, with Warren putting together a three peat led by MVP Saquon. I believe this division will be the most heated and most competitive division as there are 3 users who can and will win 10-12 games a season. A M20 AFC S rivalry moves to the NFC East to join Donny and the shit talking has already commenced.

Schedule – NFC West / AFC North

Kyle – Washington Football Team

Kyle had his most successful madden campaign in about 2-3 years last cycle and he looks to build a Washington team that can push him to his old super bowl winning ways. This year he will start the cycle with possibly the best front 7 in Top. Tons of young defensive talent and Scary Terry will need to be used effectively if he wants to claim the division.

Khalil – Cowboys

In his second cycle with Top, Khalil will stay in Texas and command the Cowboys. While he won’t have an escape artist quarterback this cycle, he still has a capable and mobile Dak and an insane receiving corps. Khalil didn’t have a single season in M20 under double digit wins and had multiple AFC championship appearances. This year the stars have aligned for him to make a run at his first title.

Donny – Eagles

Sticking to his guns, Donny is looking to win and win early in Philly. He knows his cap space is a ticking time bomb and his window to compete is small until he has to balance a rebuild. Donny terrorized M20 offenses with Top HOFer Rudy Ford. One of the big time safety users in the league, Donny will have to adjust to a M21 nerfed user system that requires a little less free lancing. This adjustment is crucial to his chances at the division.

Giants – G Money

G Money returns to Top for another cycle as the Giants. It will be interesting to see what he can do with this roster that will have plenty of cap space and top draft picks throughout the cycle. This year will be great for G$ as he will be playing very talented user in this division constantly, if he can improve his game through that I predict a growth similar to Dereks where in just a cycle or two he became a 8-10 win user.

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