The AFC North has historically not been the most competitive in Top. M20 it featured a revolving Ravens roster and a Browns team that was gifted free Super Bowl appearances. M19 it gifted free Super Bowl appearances to a Bengals roster led by…fuck I forgot but he sucked I remember that.

This year shows promise in terms of both competitiveness inside the division as well as outside. Consisting of some long time users in or around the same skill level, the North may finally be a division that garners the attention of Top Twitch followers throughout the season.

Schedule: NFC East and AFC South

Ravens – Arlen

Arlen has mainly dealt with rebuilds throughout his time in Top. From a talentless Miami roster to a cap-less Vikings roster, he finally broke through in M20 with some playoff appearances after making major adjustments to his run game. This year, he will need to expand that to the quarterback position as he will wield the dominant Lamar Jackson and rookie RB JK Dobbins. Arlen will have the toughest road to glory in M20 as outside of the NFC E and AFC S games, he will have to deal with the Chiefs and other AFC Divisional champs.

Browns – Jose

Jose spent most of his Top career in Minnesota, but since his return to Top as a user and now CM, he looks to the AFC N for a chance to show he still has what it takes to compete. In terms of complete rosters, the Browns have a worthy bid for the crown and Jose’s history of defensive aggressiveness may be just what they need. I used to dub his Vikings defense with the term “Hitman Jose” which was a play on words on Hitman Harry but now that I think about it, there might be slight racial connotation there that was unintended, nonetheless, Hitman Jose is in Cleveland and he is coming for your receiver’s souls.

 Bengals – Davey

Long time New England user will step out of his comfort zone and take on the Joe Burrows led Bengals. Danny believes it to be systematic racism that Burrows, the 1.1 pick received superstar but Kyler Murray, a QBOC did not. So it’s no surprise that the blatant white supremacy drew in Davey to taking the Bengals. Jokes aside, Davey is a 2 Time Super Bowl champion in Top and there will be respect on his name. He didn’t exactly dominate in M20, in fact I don’t know if he won the division, but roster talent is not a problem he needs to worry about now, it’s simply execution at this point.

Steelers – Troy

The only AFC N user that will have their favorite team in M21 is Troy. Troy dominated defenses in M21 with a ground game that not many could stop. From his Ekeler/Bell 2K duo in New York, to his strong I Zeke/Pollard duo when you played xWarriorMonk you knew that cornerbacks were optional. Troy makes this division perfect for primetime TV because he absolutely despises Davey and that alone will make the division worth the watch. The big concern for me is can Troy deploy the same offense he has in the past, or will his love for Big Ben and JuJu allow him to level up and compete for the title in M21.

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