If you have been in Madden Online franchises before you no doubt have seen a few of these types of members. In fact, you may fall into these groups. Nevertheless, you can’t escape these characters no matter how many XBOX LEAGUE 6/32 TEAM FILLED LIONS AVAILABLE reddit threads you search through.

The Shady CM

With great power comes great responsibility. But also, great rosters, for one person that is. Is Aaron Donald gaining 1 speed boost per week? Is an obscure running back now 83 overall with +20 trucking since he was drafted? Top prides itself on having an accountable CM group so we make a promise to not allow shady CMs to last, why do you think Ty and Cory had an abrupt mid season exit?

The Inside Scoop

I am guilty of this no doubt, but the “i got friends with EA” user who, could absolutely provide you with great information regarding the game and meta but when its interjected into every conversation…it can come across as an ego filled try hard. Which no one has ever associated me with being nope nope nope.

The Limit Pusher

If the rules allow a max of 300 rushing yards for a player, they are rushing for 299 every chance they get. Instead of getting a feel for how a game should go and smart times to make decisions, they go for every 4th down they technically are allowed to go for and constantly have their opponent scrambling to the rule book for legality. If there’s a rule for something it means someone abused the freedom we tried to allow them. Like running goal line as your main rushing offense between the 20s.

The Residential Troll

hi pest

The @ everyone -er

@everyone just woke up who wants to play valorant, @everyone daddyleagues.com/team/user/player/thirdstringers/receivers, @everyone when is advance?

The Mid Game Complainer

This is usually a bunch of people, but theres always someone who decides to live tweet their game in gen chat and more often than not, it just hurts your play.

The Boomer

Readily available for all takes regarding new players vs the better players in the old days. The leagues old man who struggles with millenial sarcasm and usually just gets mad in discussions. Grid is normally pretty neutral in conversations not regarding the state of Ohio but man once he gets going, the YangGang starts showing cause its Universal Chat Harassment for everyone.

The No Notifications Guy

When the Broncos fax machine is more reliable than your discord dm response time, its a problem. How many times we have had to hold a player in free agency because its post resign phase and your last chat appearance was last seasons draft. We gave nurealm a chat message saying we chose not to have him back do to inactivity and in ability to be reached and his response was “what league is this?”

Too Cool To Be In A Video Game League But Loves Football Too Much

This person is a football fan, probably an average white guy who wears shorts year round who found CFMs and enjoys it but hates the nerds that come with it. There’s two that come to mind. One was a convicted felon and literally got arrested mid game and the other is a CM now. But the “why are you guys arguing its just a video game” guy who throws the best passive aggressive shade I’ve ever seen or just straight up calls people pussys for talking shit in chat.

The Recruiter

Some people join a league solely to recruit for their main league. Its annoying, ask first.

The Speed Whore

While we all know speed is king, some subscribe to that religion more than others. I don’t want to call out any members but by God does one come to mind. Speed being the most important part of a well balanced nano blitz its no surprise that its more than just the name that this user has in common with Al Davis.

The Trade Block

I’m convinced some users just pick a team for jerseys with no real want to use the players. They throw every star player on the block from day one and by the season 3 the user who takes over that roster has no idea what the fuck to do.

Coach of the Year

Hand in hand with the trade block group is normally the best coaches madden has ever seen. They have developed a niche scheme that this 95 overall player doesn’t fit so he will trade him for a 73 overall 95 speed player.

Underwear Padder

You know growing up when you would try to wear like 8 pairs of underwear so when you got your ass whupped it didn’t hurt so bad? Some guys replicate this in chat with a little message before the game starts. We have all seen it. “Take it easy on me man, gl” or “yeah i can play in a few, I’ve been drinking the last few hours anyways tho so I’ll probably suck” or “yeah sorry man we just had our 11th child and i can play but I gotta listen for the kid if they wake up”

The MUT Star

usually identifiable when “is playmaker allowed” or “can we use custom O” is dropped in chat after their first rule book read through. Preying on the non-deep CFM’s usually this member gains a couple super bowls in their side league, which they make sure they mention often when they join Top, how many super bowls they win in their main league. Usually gone after the second suspension for rule breaking, no league will be rid of them completely.

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