Hi guys, welcome to my team selection mock. After the incredible CFM news released by EA I know there is a lot to digest feature wise so let’s first say bless up to EA for that great “deep dive”. This mock comes with no prior knowledge of who anyone is going to take, just guesses. I don’t know who the other CMS are taking nor mostly everyone else in the league. Some teams are going to fall, we see this each year as everyone doesn’t fill out the top of their selections thinking teams won’t necessarily be available.

1: Pest- Seattle Seahawks: Pest loves taking good teams and he starts off the mock draft with the Seahawks. With weapons on both sides of the ball Pest has a playoff caliber team from the jump.

2: Danny- Green Bay Packers- Danny is a passer and getting this Packers team with a good enough enough but young defense sets himself up to compete all cycle.

3: Fin- Dallas Cowboys- Fin wants an o-line and here he has them. Is Chris Westry still a Cowboy? If so, Fin can change his last name to Reese and continue to live in the past.

4: Warren- Miami Dolphins- As the only Dolphins fan in the league this one is a no brainer. It’s a shame no one else wants this young team with a dynamic QB and other future stars.

5: Jose- Cleveland Browns- It’s hard to pinpoint who Jose takes considering I haven’t seen him post in gen chat or cm chat in 2 months. I’m going to go with one of the better CFM teams here.

6: u/Arlen – Baltimore Ravens- Arlen the god selects the Lamar Jackson’s here and never looks back. Easily the best and most fun Madden player to use.

7: u/Willie Beamen – Tennessee Titans- This one is a big time shocker. Willie loves power runningbacks and gets literally a monster in human form to truck everyone. The rest of the roster is good enough to make it work but this choice will shock a few.

8: u/Roblox – pat – Patriots- This will be my selection until he proves us different otherwise

9: u/The Chose God- KC Chiefs- Kyle gets the best Madden team at pick 9 which is incredible value. Anyone picking in the top 12 should have this team atop their lists incase they fall.

10: u/all time woat – Bronncos- Woat takes his favorite team here which are finally a viable CFM team for the first time in a while.

11: u/Burp Slurp – N.O. Saints- A good selection here for Chris who if he spent more time out of gen chat during games would probably have more success.

12: u/El Donjuán – Eagles- Donny boy gets his Eagles squad for another go but this time with Jalen Hurts, Marquise Goodwin & Darius Slay.

13: u/Montana – Lions- idc

14: u/ii Not Steve ii – Arizona Cardinals- Needing to scramble every play, Khalil gets the second best CFM QB in Kylar Murray and the underrated (?) Cardinals.

15: u/Jordan – 49ers- Annoyingly the 49ers drop right into Jordan’s lap who now can conveniently run cover 3 stock all game and someone get pressure and good coverage at the same time.

16: u/rkolar11 – LA Chargers- Ricky boy gets a value pick here with the loaded Chargers. Not needing warm weather to wear shorts Ricky decides to pack his bags and head to the west coast to likely win this division every season.

17: u/Kriegermonch – Pittsburgh Steelers- Troy doesn’t really care about much Madden wise so he grabs his favorite team and runs the ball 400 times a game to victory.

18: u/Ty – Tampa Bay Bucs- Great value to get this solid team at this pick. Ty has Michael Evans to constantly throw blind jumpballs to all game which is a solid fit.

19: u/I Am Allen B – Cincinnati Bengals- This pick is a little different but I believe Allen will go with the Bengals due to their potential on offense.

20: u/Hellcat – Indy Colts- Not being stuck with the garbage Raiders gives Joey a new young fun team to use. The only issue this team faces is question marks at QB for the future.

21: u/MindFire ? – Minnesota Vikings- A crazy steal at this point of the draft. The Vikings fit Dan’s offense and even defense really well.

22: u/Serantics⚡ – Carolina Panthers- Not able to shake free from Teddy Swagwater, Seran grabs an underrated Panthers team with speed on offense and big time potential rookies on defense.

23: u/ptown – Atlanta Falcons- I didn’t want to put the Falcons here but I can’t see Ptown on any of these other teams. A decent enough roster with Todd Gurley gives Ptown a good offense to begin the CFM.

24: u/Matty – Washington Redskins- Matty grabs a good potential team here in the Redskins. With franchise type players at each of the important positions and a young talented defense, the Redskins are low key a powerhouse by S2-3 in CFMs.

25: u/Gridiron614 – Chicago Bears- The Bears have fallen from a top tier team the past year but still have playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Not needing to set up nanos every play and relying on Khalil Mack is a good start.

26: u/Gmoney15 – NY Giants- Gmoney to the Giants make sense.

27: u/mamba – Buffalo Bills- I don’t know a goddamn thing about Mamba so here ya go you get the Bills.

28: u/HarambedaMonkey Houston Texans- In a crazy free fall, getting the Texans here is the steal of the draft for someone who may or may not have ever posted in chat.

29: u/Boom – Oakland Raiders- Henry Ruggs will be enticing enough to grab this team but besides him theres not much else to be too excited about.

30: u/T4Verts – New England Patriots – A solid defense, but those who don’t look far into cap may fear this roster. 90M cap in year two and this is a fucking steal of a roster at pick 30.

31: u/Steel – NY Jets- slim pickins

32: u/pittjas- Jacksonville Jaguars- With our last member not wanting to pick 32nd, we have our again newest member pittjas getting the Jags.

*all opinions of Top Madden Users expressed in this article are solely those of Warren Forman of Staten Island, NY.

By Fin

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