1.1 Marshawn Martin, QB – Detroit

With Stafford aging and entering the last year of his deal it is no shock to see the top QB off the board here. Martin wowed the PAC-12 with big time plays through the air and on the ground. The kind of guy who can kill you in the pocket and then extend plays when needed, he has all the makings of a franchise QB.

Pro Comp: Russell Wilson

Grade: A+

1.2 Wesley McDougle, WR – Chicago

The second pick goes to another NFC North team and they too attack the top offensive weapon on the board. McDougle is a speedy threat with solid route running and YAC ability. Though it will take some time to mold him, he is the clear pick for a team that is looking for an offensive weapon of the future.

Pro Comp: Juju Smith-Schuster

Grade: B+

1.3 Geoffrey Patterson, LT – Kansas City

Bowie exploded onto the scene last year and the Chiefs look to increase the run game production by adding the most talented blocker in this draft. Patterson is a through and through pass protector with elite strength and a football IQ off the rookie charts. He is a perfect fit to play with a guy like Mahomes.

Pro Comp: Ryan Ramzyck

Grade: A+

1.4 Madison Jones, QB – Pittsburgh

Jones is gone at 1.4 mainly due to need more than talent. A bit of a reach here but a good athlete who has dependable accuracy at all three levels. Great for a team that relies on a mobile quarterback though there are small doubts about his arm strength on certain throws.

Pro Comp: Ryan Tannehill

Grade: B+

1.5 Cory Gandy, LB – Oakland

Gandy is a fast downhill linebacker who can defend the run from sideline to sideline. Excellent to the point of attack and rarely misses a tackle. Many expected him to be a late day 1/early day 2 pick with a question mark for his coverage abilities but the Raiders feel that is either a non issue or fixable.

Pro Comp: Jarrad Davis

Grade: B

1.6 Devron McClain, DT – Washington

Two years ago we said Donnell Frazier was the best DT prospect since Aaron Donald. McClain might be the best DT prospect ever. Period. An elite collegiate pass rusher and run stuffer the 301 pound husky is Vita Vea with finesse and speed. The things he did at the D-1 level were just down right mean and he will fit into a nasty DC DL.

Pro Comp: Reggie White

Grade: A+

1.7 John Robertson, C – Philadelphia

One pick after their division rival takes the best DT, the Eagles sure up the interior DL with Robertson.  An intelligent blocker, John embodies every aspect of the game and his craft. Power, Finesse, Run, Pass there is nothing he can’t do at the highest level.

Pro Comp: Jason Kelce

Grade: B+

1.8 Shaq Larrimore, FS – Atlanta

The first of Atlanta first rounders is Shaq Larrimore the Ok St DB has the makings of a talented nickel/safety rotating DB. His height is a liability in his ability to play soft zones but he is very physical in man coverage and holds his own in the box.

Pro Comp: Lamarcus Joyner

Grade: B

1.9 Travis Sarra, C – Miami

Welcome to Miami Travis. Sarra was the top rating interior lineman in pass coverage across all divisions. Perfect for a team that is looking to improve their pass game even more after a big year from their QB.

Pro Comp: Frank Ragnow

Grade: A-

1.10 Noah Riles, QB – Cincinnati

The big arm in Buffalo makes his way to Ohio for his NFL start. While accuracy was not the most consistent Riles flashed big play potential. Might have some controversy as he isn’t quite as polished as the third year QB Billy Bishop but he is an ideal development prospect.

Pro Comp: Joe Flacco

Grade: B-

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