Yeah yeah you coast to wins with your 9 SS/XF players and their abilities. Oh you ran stretch with joystick? Great job dude. Fuck that. Let’s look at the true stars of Top Madden. The guys who get the job done with none of this extra ability shit. Just the two hands and two legs that God gave em and a lot of hardwork.

Josh Rosen, QB, TB

Stats 220/327 (67%) 3,259 Yards 30 TD 18 INT

Rosen’s biggest game came on a magical GW drive against the Giants. Since the return of his star WR, Rosen has been one of, if not the most unstoppable QB in Top this season. Expect him to be in the running for MVP and a definite SS next season.

Joe Mixon, HB, TEN

Stats: 175 Att 1,075 10 TD

One of two non-traited RBs in the top 15 rushing stat column, Mixon is a huge part of the Tennessee playoff push. Averaging 6.1 YPC and double digit TDs, Mixon may not sniff the abilities this cycle but the Titans are in no rush to replace him.

Damiere Byrd, WR, AZ

Stats: 35 Rec 878 Yards 7 TD

97 speed is basically an ability by itself, but the 27 year old speedster has proven to be an effective target for the 10-2 Cardinals. Even with Kyler out, they have managed to find ways to get him the ball in space and let his speed make plays.

Kahlil Peele, WR, GB

Stats: 40 Rec 859 Yards 8 TD

The rookie was just 4 yards short of SS abilities this season but has been quite impactful nonetheless. The Packers aren’t the most pass heavy team so almost reaching 1,000 yards as a WR2 is an underrated achievement.

Uchenna Nwosu, OLB, LAC

Stats: 13 Sacks 3 FF 1 INT 1 TD

Nwosu was rumored to AZ this offseason but the Chargers stick with their homegrown talent and he has exploded this season. An absolute playmaker who can do it all with elite athleticism.

Jason Conrad, CB, PHI

Stats: 9 INT 1 TD

The former top 10 pick has continued where his 2020 left off and may reach double digit INTs this season. The speedster had a monster 3 INT game against Carolina and seriously is making his case for SS upgrades next season.

Ellis Reese, FS, AZ

Stats: 20 INT 1 Sack 1 FF 6 TD

Don’t expect reese to stay star for long. The MVP front runner has been dominant and it was finally Green Bay who ended Reese’s 10 Game INT streak and 11 Game forced turnover streak.

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