Time for a fun one. Here is one rule change per user that would make that user leave Top Madden for good. Some of you guys are new so, sorry if you aren’t included in this article, once I get a feel for you, we can get you included.

  • Troy – No Trash Talking allowed in chat
  • Fin – Removal of 4th down rules
  • Pest – Removal of HnH rules
  • Davey – Chat will now be solely used for scheduling games, no discussions allowed
  • Donny – You may only user DL on defense.
  • Danny – Injury sliders are increased to 70
  • Warren – Pest has over-rule vote on all declined TC trades.
  • Jordan – All users must stream via twitch
  • Seran – All games must be scheduled in accordance with Standard EST availability with no exceptions. 
  • Kyle – Only M20 teams and players may be discussed in chat.
  • Woat – Finishing bottom 5 in the league two seasons consecutively will result in coach firing in which you have to take control of an open team not the one you currently coach.
  • Shrimp – Emojis are now banned in chat do to their bullying nature.
  • Dan – SS/XF abilities are now disabled to erase unfair advantages
  • Vicious – No QB running allowed.
  • Tony – All players must mimic their IRL equipment choices.
  • Flexter – Four verticals is banned.
  • Ptown – Speed Threshold is now at its highest to limit speed cheese.
  • Willie – All players ratings will be reflected each week to match their IRL counterpart, stats in the league and attribute upgrades will be reversed.
  • Allen – No moving players presnap on defense
  • Khalil – No defensive single season records can be broken, results in a full year suspension of that player.
  • Grid – Offensive XP sliders decreased to minimize unrealistic rookie progression.
  • Pitt – Playmaker is now allowed with no limitations.

By Fin

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