1 Seed: Los Angeles Chargers

Not only have the Chargers been impressive in the W-L column this season, but a defensive win against the defending champs showed they have what it takes to hash it out with the best rosters this league has to offer. First in points allowed this season at 16ppg, their defense has found ways to keep opposing offenses at bay. Meanwhile, Melvin Gordon is averaging a whopping 9.1 yards per carry.

2 Seed: Cleveland Browns

A slight regression this year as the Browns sit at 8-3 on the season. While their defense is still as dominant as their SB run, they aren’t firing on all cylinders on the offensive side. Having lost 2 of their last 3 games they have a fairly easy schedule ahead to help them sort things out before playoffs.

3 Seed: New York Jets

The Jets actually have a win over the Browns so they may have the second seed if things shake up in the AFC. Another 8-3 roster, the Jets are built on stopping the run and sport a pretty well balanced offense. Darnold is having a career year with 23 TD to 13 INTS and they really can hurt you with several different talents on their team. A big issue with this team is their passing defense though as teams are able to drop 20 points on them with ease it seems so expect that to be a focus point as they approach the final stretch.

4 Seed: Houston Texans

The Texans finally lose the title belt, but even in their losses do they look impressive. The Texans seem to rise to the occasion in big games and that may be required as they look to lock up the 4 seed and will head to the wildcard. Watt is dominating the sack column and really causing struggle for any and all opposing quarterbacks and this may be his final season to try to get a ring.

Wildcard Race:

Tennessee Titans (7-5) – I’m telling you, this Titans defense is one of the hardest to play. They just have really useful madden talent at key positions and it makes life really difficult. If they can clean up and finish strong they may be able to fight for their division instead of just the WC slot.

New England Patriots (7-5) – You would’ve though the Tyree Jackson experiment would’ve ended with Arlen but alas, here we are. The run heavy Patriots really need to finish the season well behind XF Michel who is second in rushing this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5) While they should be *-4 due to an unfortunate CM FW error, the Jags are not out just yet. They thrive on an uber talented defense and one of, if not, the leagues best DL.

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