Games of the Week

Saints vs Bucs

It’s too bad these guys will be done playing for the year after week 3, because it’s very possible this division comes down to the wire between these two. Seran took the first battle and I expect him to win the second as well. The Aaron Rodgers throwing style Cam Newton passing offense has not gotten off to the best start and I think Seran will do all he can to slow down RoJo as much as possible. With that being said, Ty is no slouch on defense. Expect some turnovers, some big plays, you’re usual top madden slugfest. Saints 24, Bucs 21

2-0 Eagles vs the 2-0 Cowboys

After trading Dak the cowboys are running steady with the ground and pound offense. However, Donny may be off to the most impressive start out of anybody by beating Warren week 1 and handling Dan’s Browns easy week 2. With a battle of superstar offensive lineman this game will come down to who turns it over less. I believe that team will be the cowboys, the combo of Zeke and that line trumps the Eagles line, even as good as they are. I’m expecting this to be an awesome game that might even sniff some overtime with a final score of 27-21 Cowboys win.

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