Pick 1: Keith Pittman, WR, MIAMI

Pro Comp: Mike Evans

Pros: Pittman will stay in Florida for the start of his pro career as the giant Red Zone target is taken at 1.1. Pittman is the definition of physicality at the WR position standing a whopping 6ft6 and boasting terrific release, Jumping, and Catch abilities. With 95 Jumping in his 6ft6 frame, Pittman should catch pretty much every fade coming his way.

Cons: Suboptimal route running in the short-intermediate game. Has a drop tendency tied more to focus that it is to hands, and while he was a great deep ball threat in college, his speed isn’t exactly the top percentile for the pro level, should serve as an early Red zone target with plenty of 50/50 balls thrown his way.
Grade: B+

Pick 2: Eric Harold, QB, MIAMI

Pro Comp: Kirk Cousins

Pros: Harold is an accurate quarterback who executes the little things well. He throws well in the pocket, he throws well moving the pocket, and he performs wells in the play action game. Heralded as being one of the higher football IQ players in this draft, Harold is a good pick to come in and compete for the starting role.

Cons: Arm strength may be a concern and lack of mobility with a crippled offensive line may overwhelm the young rookie. Cons of the pick are that he may not be much better than Josh Rosen, so his early development is crucial to the long term success to avoid QB controversy.

Grade: B

Pick 3: Michael Westbrooks, CB, WAS

Pro Comp: Dante Jackson

Pros: Westbrooks is an athlete. Blazing speed and agility in the 99 percentile, there aren’t many that come through the combine with his numbers. A man corner through and through, he is one of maybe 5 corners that can stick with the likes of Tyreek Hill, Hollywood Brown, and others.

Cons: Limitations in zone and press techniques will limit what this defense can ask of him and the rest of the team will have to compensate. Not the greatest tackler for the position and is prone to dropping a few would be interceptions.

Grade: A

Pick 4: Donnell Frazier, DT, AZ

Pro Comp: Aaron Donald

Pros: Frazier has the strength of a high end nose tackle with the speed of a 4-3 end. Elite explosiveness for his side and utilizes technique in his pass rush as effective as any interior lineman in the league.

Cons: Frazier doesn’t utilize his strength much in his pass rush and needs to learn to use speed to power moves to be effective at the pro level.

Grade: B+

Pick 5: Mitchell Clinton, QB, OAK

Pro Comp: Gardner Minshew

Pros: The young husky is a fantastic improviser who can make plays when the odds are against him. Throws an excellent ball with pressure in his face using every bit of his 6ft5 frame to his advantage.

Cons: Faces an uphill battle to unseat Derek Carr from the QB1 position. May face criticism from fans who may have wanted a pick elsewhere at a more supportive position to the future of the offense.

Grade: B-

Pick 6: Greg Montgomery, LT, ATL

Pro Comp: Tyron Smith

Pros: Montgomery is a fucking animal. One of the best left tackles in recent memory, Montgomery is power, he is finesse, he will maul ends like most OL will maul corners, and can take on the NFL’s best pass rushers day one. A perfect pick

Cons: Virtually none, he can play all 5 positions on the line if he wanted to.

Grade: A+


Pro Comp: Don’t know
Pros: Thanks for making content less fun by not posting a picture max.
Cons: I blame your brother
Grade: A

Pick 8: Kerrick Whitlock, LE, NYJ

Pro Comp: Shaq Barrett

Pros: Kerrick is a do it all edge rusher who fills an immediate need for the Jets. He rushes the passer with great technique and is very reliable setting the edge in run defense. Usable in both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes, Whitlock is a great pick at 8.

Cons: Wasn’t a top 5 pick solely because he possess the athleticism that guys like Mack and Miller, but he plays hard and uses every tool he’s sharpened over the years.

Grade: A-

Pick 9: Jason Conrad, CB, PHI

Pro Comp: Patrick Peterson

Pros: The Eagles trade back and get Christian Kirk and Conrad this draft. Similar to Westbrooks, Conrad is a very athletic man corner but what Conrad sacrifices in athleticism to his counterpart, he offers more utility. Excellent ball skills, elite speed, and above average press technique make Conrad an excellent addition to the Eagles secondary.

Cons: A sub-par tackler and could be more useful in zone coverage.

Grade: A

Pick 10: Isaiah Chatman, OLB, DET

Pro Comp: Dee Ford

Pros: The Lions have a dire need for edge rush speed and Chatman offers just that. He’s an excellent pass rusher with great bend. Finishes plays well and takes excellent pursuit angles when tracking down screens and mobile quarterbacks.

Cons: Not very reliable in run defense out the gate, could be exposed if taking on tackles instead of tight ends. Not a physical player at the point of attack and would prefer to secure the tackle than to give up a few yards.

Grade: B

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