Key Games

Cowboys vs Cardinals

While trading Dak Prescott after becoming an absolute animal is an odd thing to do but it makes sense for Troy. He is a ground and pound player and he has an absolute workhorse in Zeke. I’m giving him the edge here solely because his team is much better than Fin’s. I still expect a great game but I think the Cowboys O line is going to maul the way to victory. Still excited to see if Kyler can pull off some magic in the hands of Fin. Expect big plays in this one!

Final score: Cowboys 38 Cardinals 31

Ravens vs Browns

This one was very tough for me to decide and I’m honestly giving the ravens the edge solely based on home field advantage. It may sound silly but I do believe madden gives players the benefit of the doubt more often than not on those 50/50 plays when you’re at home. Boom has his team but I think he will have some hiccups to start out. He’s going to over think it a bit – “should I run” “will I get suspended” – and struggle early and Dan has one of, if not the only DB tandem than can keep up with the Ravens WRs. On the other side Dan may still be a bit rusty after being on the IR for most of last season and not having played much since. I expect this one to be ugly, defenses are going to feast and I think the legs of #8 will be the difference in the end. Lamar is going to scoot his way into field goal range for an un-iceable Justin Tucker game winner.

Final Score: 27-24 Ravens over the Browns.

By Fin

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