We last left off at the end of season 1 of Top Madden 2020. The Redskins coached by Joshua “Gridiron” Yang had just finished their season on a 2-8 stretch over their last 10 games to finish the season at 5-10-1.

With the 15th pick in the draft they selected star dev left guard Tim Goldman. The projected day one starter shined in the season, earning post-season draft grade of an A from grading guru Brandon Finley. He looks to be one of the brightest young offensive line prospects for years to come.

Just like the first season Coach Yang and the Redskins got off to a hot start, taking two wins in two games from the 49ers and Eagles respectively. Always concerned about the team’s power ranking, Coach called for a top 5 ranking, claiming once again that his team was the team to beat in the NFC East. However the lesson of history repeating itself was lost on this strong economic mind, and the team then went on to lose their next 5 games.

Now this is where things get interesting, young running back Derrius Guice was having a good stretch of games, and the Football Gods declared that if Guice surpassed 200 yards or 4 TDs he would be given a special “ability”. The ability was not declared before the upcoming contest against the Rams.

All eyes were on the controversially-named team. They did not want to disappoint the Football Gods and proceeded to hand off the ball to Guice 30 times in the game and he amassed over 270 yards on the ground with one touchdown. This was quite a day for the back, as he rarely was given over 20 touches in a game. The Redskins went on to a 32-30 win.

The Rams were outraged, the felt that the Redskins were not following the oft-controversial rule of having a balanced offense. Coach Nano Rossi was outraged and demanded action, citing the palpably unfair rule and demanded recompense. Sadly for Coach Yang and Guice, what can be given by the gods can sadly be taken away by the highest power of all, Pest. Guice’s new ability was removed.

Our nation’s capital was outraged. Coach Yang was beside himself. He declared to could no longer coach in this league and left his post, with no hint of who would replace him. Mr. Yang has moved on to support his case, now is campaigning for president under the declaration that all players should get one ability each month. He declared it “The Freedom DEVidend”. He currently polls last among all candidates.

Along came a bright young mind from the Coach Warren/Juju coaching tree, Joe Hellcat. Taking over for Coach Yang he led the Redskins to a win over division rival Cowboys in his first game, blowing them out by 20 points. (Interesting note: Guice had 3 touches all game.) Excitement was brewing in DC, despite dropping their final 7 games, only one game they were defeated by more than one score. Holding onto a top 10 pick, and Coach Joe at the reigns to start the season, Redskins fans are holding out hope this is the year. The playoff drought has left a pessimistic cloud over the franchise for too long, and fans are hoping that this upcoming season can be the team that shines through.

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