Player Spotlight: #1 Logan Regan, QB, Los Angeles Chargers

Opponent: New York Jets (9-6-1)

Scheme: Aggressive 3-4 

Final Stat Line: 17/26 65% 284 Yards 2 TD 3 INT

Cover 011250%
Cover 1101100%
Cover 2 Man571242%
Cover 252771%
Cover 352771%
Cover 4000N/A
Cover 6/9000N/A


First Quarter:

There’s nothing like an away game in the snow that will test a young quarterback. The Chargers receive the ball first and Logan Regan is faced with a test early. Two throws on his first drive, both incomplete. The Chargers looked to test the defense deep early but the Jets don’t fall for it.

A fumble by the New York punt returner gives the Chargers the ball where instantly Regan throws an interception. His first of the day. The Jets go up 7-0.

On the next drive, the Chargers settled down and came out with some short passes. 6 straight completions, five of those to Keenan Allen. The Jets have run predominately man coverage to this point looking to force the quarterback to make well places throws into coverage. 

Regan looks sharp as he doesn’t take the bait. He stands tall in the pocket and even improvised a bit with a late release by Clifton Boss who shook his man for a first down. 

The quarter ends, 7-0 Jets but only the Chargers have had the ball.

Second Quarter

The 2nd quarter begins with the Chargers looking for 6. 3rd and 3 on the goal line and the Bolts are in the I-formation. The Jets counter with zone coverage out of their 4-4. A key point is how many bodies ARENT on the line of scrimmage. With Melvin Gordon, the answer is simple, run the ball.

The Bolts do not. Regan calls for a zig from the motioned out Mike Williams and throws the ball late and too inside as Ronald Darby jumps the pass and goes for a 101 yard return.

14-0 Jets, and still the Jets haven’t played a down on offense.

Regan continues to struggle with a three and out drive. Late in the second quarter, a drive does pick up some steam and Regan has his Bolts just outside the Red Zone following two completions. Regan sees cover two and wants to attack a post route over the linebacker but Cashman drops deep enough to make a play on the ball and Jamal Adams will come down with a tipped pick interception, Regan’s 3rd of the game.

Next possession, the Chargers need something quick as the Jets are up 20-0 and they get the ball back at half. In the winding seconds of the first half, Regan throws a prayer ball to Mike Williams who boxes out the double team and snags a touchdown reception.

The Bolts are down but not out, 7-20

Third Quarter

A quality defensive possession give the Chargers the ball back. Two completions underneath to the ever reliable Keenan Allen allows Regan to throw an absolute dime to Mike Williams on a post vs Man. This is why they traded up for him, his ability to make tight window throws under pressure in the cold.

Melvin would follow this play with a touchdown run, 14-20.

In their last possession Regan would have a throw away, a late throw incomplete, and a sack all vs man coverage.

14-23 Jets lead.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth begins as the Chargers defense holds up yet again and Melvin Gordon rips an insane touchdown run to make it a 2 point game with just over 5 minutes remaining.

This is followed up with a pick 6 by the Chargers defense and now they are on top for the first time in this game 28-23. But it won’t last long as the Jets respond with a solid drive and touchdown and they now have the lead 31-28.

So, three minutes left. Down 3. Across the country. In the Snow. What can the Chargers and the first overall pick do?

Reliant on the run, MG3 is the focal point of the drive. Finally a throw, cover 3 and they dial up a corner route to Allen who brings it down with seemingly the entire Jets defense around him. Another pass play, but Regan keeps it for a one yard gain. 

Third down, the Jets with damn near everyone within 5 yards of the LOS, Regan the rookie looks over to his favorite target Clifton Boss and signals for a route adjustment. They see the safety in the box and thing he may not be able to recover. The ball is snapped, its cover 2. The receiver has only the safety to beat, but it’s the range-y Jamal Adams. Regan puts up a rainbow aimed to the back pylon, Adams reaches up but it’s too far, Boss is there and two feet down Santonio Holmes style to take the lead! 

Despite 3 interceptions, despite the snow, Logan Regan throws a masterful dime to win the game.

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