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  1. Saints 12-1

                The Saints sit comfortable atop the NFC S and really just have to figure out if they prioritize the top seed versus a bye week in general. If they continue to play well they will have a guaranteed bye week on their quest to defend their title.

2. Seahawks 12-1-1

                At the time when the Seahawks are their best, tragedy strikes. Injuries at the receiver position is going to severely damage a passing game that relied on those players. There have been no reports on if they will be back in time for playoffs, so securing a bye is of the upmost priority for Seattle to buy them some extra time.

3. Bears 9-4-1

                The Bears have asserted themselves a top the division this year and have built a very balanced attack. Fournette tops 170 yards on less than 20 touches and this defense is a nasty as it’s ever been. Alcatraz is locking the NFC down.

4. Giants 9-5

                Well, Blue is out. All expectation is that the Phillips project is over and new ownership may not be able to compete at this level with this roster. If they want to make post season play they need key losses from the Eagles.

WC: Rams 9-5

                While the Rams certainly have the roster to compete with anyone, they haven’t performed well as of a late. A rough 21 point quarter by AZ hands them their most recent loss and they can’t afford a week 16 loss to Seattle if they want to remain in the wildcard. But, if this run game gets going they can beat anyone on any day.

WC: Falcons 8-5

                1st in rushing, 4th in PPG, 4th in Total Yards the Falcons turnaround has been spectacular and they still sit firmly in the 6th seed. They have but one challenge left in week 17, but if the Chargers rest their starters it may be an easy path to post season play.

Bubble: Eagles (8-6), Packers (8-6), Cardinals (8-6)


  1. Chiefs 14-0

                A dominant victory over Houston shows us that this Chiefs team is for real. Barring injury, how are you supposed to compete with this roster? They have guaranteed themselves a playoff spot, but with no surprise have key matchups to win if they expect to win the division.

2. Ravens 12-2

                The Ravens have cashed in on their offseason acquisitions. Paying top dollar for one year deals, this roster is built to stop the top dawgs of this league and the Ravens are anxious to get back to Super Bowl contention. Staying healthy and more of the same for Baltimore and the MVP leader Lamar Jackson.

3. Texans 10-4

                Two big wins in a row put the Texans into top spot of the AFC S. Key games against Chicago and Cleveland will be crucial if they hope to close this season out and enter the post season, but the offense has been methodical and reminiscent of the first 7 weeks of the season.  

4. Jets 8-5-1

                A 5 game win streak has the Jets back a top to AFC E. The run game has returned to form and the focus restored in NY. An easy two wins left and they are in good shape for a run to the title.

WC: Chargers 10-3

                Starting this season, the Chargers did not look like contenders, and despite their recent loss to the Chiefs, they still remain a top 3 AFC roster. Regan has grown into his role on this team and the defense is as good as it has ever been. They need to focus on their weakest things going forward as they cannot afford to play from behind against top teams.

WC: Titans 8-5

                The Titans loss vs Houston moves them down to the 6th seed and they can’t afford anymore losses at this point. They missed post season play by a hair last season and they made big moves this offseason with intent on making the playoffs. They face Cleveland this week in a battle for the last WC spot.

Bubble: Steelers (9-5), Browns (7-6), Miami (7-7)

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