A look at New Redskins User Joey and his Pre-League Questionnaire.

Ok first, tell me about yourself: I’m Joey, 25, Live in Toronto Canada (not in an igloo) and I work at the airport towing aircraft.

All kinds of aircraft? whatever Air Canada asks me to tow I tow lol

You ever tow anyone’s aircraft who is famous? not to my knowledge Sports teams here use their own aircraft and they have a private sector of the airport they leave from.

What relevant experience do you have that relates to the league opening? Been playing in madden leagues since the first days of online franchise that started back in M10, been addicted to them since. Love the competition the ones I’ve been in bring to the table. I’m a competitive guy so just to have that experience of going up against 31 other users in an NFL style format was awesome.

What do you know about Top Madden? Not too much, heard about it from Warren. Said he’s been trying to get me in here for a little bit, any recommendation from warren is a good one 😉

What after your greatest strengths/weaknesses? Defensive Usering is my biggest strength as a player but its also why I’ve lost super bowls in madden. If you’re looking for a broader answer, I tend to get fixated on big plays, thus interceptions

What is your greatest Madden Achievement? Uh, I’d have to say beating Warren for the first time. We’ve been going at it for some time now. Easily the best madden player I’ve played, no idea the competition in this league but its been fun going up against warren for the past idk what is it, 5-7 years of madden. I think he’s got the h2h record on me but I’ve closed the gap recently. Although he’s got me 3-0 on Super Bowl wins in our h2h.

Where do you see your team in five seasons?In a Super Bowl against warren hopefully lol.

What other leagues do you play in? I’m in EOTP which has been running since M10 (my first league) and I got into SML at the start of this Madden. So a total of 3 now including Top Madden

What do you look for in a league? In a league I’m looking for competition, I love playing against good users, playing as a good/bad team doesn’t matter to me. Building my team to my liking and winning is always satisfying, so competition and team building would be the two I look for. Also, getting into chat to talk about football/madden/life is always fun to do with a good group of people. I’m just a fun guy who likes to play the game of madden

How would you describe your interactions with other league members in chat? In particular, trolls? I love being in interactive in chat. It’s a good way to blow off steam, talk about what’s happening in sports or even just life and fuck around with some people you get to know better. I’ve known some people through madden now for over 10 years, so I’d say myself that I’m interactive and love getting involved with other people. [Regarding difficult league members] memes but if you’re clapping at me I’m clapping back lol no racist shit or nothing, keep it civil the way it should be.

How would your fellow league mates and cm’s describe you?Competitive and interactive guy, a guy who plays to win and someone other people enjoy being around/talking too

Do you have any questions for me? You wanna get together for dinner?

I’m not telling yall how this interview ended 😉 😉

By Lance

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