By: Cory Craig (10/10/2019)

So here I stand… a bottom 5 team in the league for 3 years in a row, it’s something of a tradition at this point. I wanted to give my take on my 5 favorite users to play and why. So here we go, in no particular order….

5. Fin.

This might come as a shock to some of you but I have been saying it for years. Fin always plays to the level of his competition and with me being the dumpster fire that I am it usually leads to us having some fun games whether I lose or lose. He plays clean because he is scared to be called a cheeser or un-sim and I respect that(although we 0haven’t played this year and he gets real close with Watson at times.). He also is a guy that is fun to party up with for games until he gets triggered and will be the first to say “good play” if I do something good and give me advice on how to get better.

4. Ptown.

Looking at the users that I have played several games against Ptown and my games always stand out to me. We party up and I hurl insults at him and it’s just laughs the whole time; which if you know the history of me and Ptown, you know I used to really hate him. Even had the honor of booting him from a league once. Now our games are just all memes and there are no hard feelings after because it’s just a fun game or hijinks. Good luck to him while he is out looking for a sole mate in basic training.

3. Tony.

Me and Tony go way back, still to this day have fun talking to him in secret DMs. We always have fun playing because we are both… not great. If I have learned one thing from playing Tony over the years if that if he challenges you to keep running inside zone because he will stop it; if you do it 9 times in a row and he doesn’t stop it, he will be made at you for an IRL year. Tony is a fun guy to play because his whole offense is built off feeding it to the one stud WR he has so it’s just stopping the big plays and it’s an easier game filled with weird plays that mostly gain no yards.

2. Shrimp.

This one seems obvious, we both suck(Although he is finally starting to click with his OP team and pull away from the bottom 5). Our games essentially turn into a pity party of, “why don’t I ever get animations?” or “this only happens to me”. But at least we are in the same boat and have fun playing. Never feel cheated by him and anything is possible.

1. Ty.

This was basically a lock for this list, even though I haven’t beat him in a league game since our first in M16 when we had that battle of Farmer and Eagles Flood vs Isreal Pearson. We always have fun games, except for when I get cheated. We are irl friends so we have played countless times over the years and it’s always fun to play with someone that you know their playstyle and what’s to come, turns into more of a chess match than anything. Overall he’s a great friend and I do enjoy playing with him and all the help he has tried to give me in madden(even though I’ll never say it to his face).

Honorable mentions: Danny, Slim, Boom, and Willie(if his mic is plugged in).

By Fin

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