Khalil Mack- 31 tkl, 25 sacks, 3 FF

(Remaining opponent record of 29-25)

Khalil Mack has no doubt been one of the most dominant pass rushers the league has seen. He is and has been a terror for some time and his abilities only make him harder to stop. He is a clear choice on the defensive side of the ball to win MVP this year. His remaining opponents(weeks 12-17) have giving up a staggering 184 sacks this year which should make his remaining schedule, specifically games against Lions(52 sacks) and Bucs(41 sacks) his best chance to pad the stats and remain a top contender in the race for MVP.

Lamar Jackson- 2147 passing yards(416rushing, 3tds), 19tds, 15ints

(Remaining opponent record of 30-30)

Lamar Jackson is one of my personal favorites to win it this year. He is a threat in both the passing game and on the ground. With his remaining opponents(weeks 12-17) giving up and average of 206 yards/game you can expect him to add roughly another 1200 yards in the air with another 250 on the ground. His TD numbers by years end might make him the clear choice for MVP.

Patrick Mahomes- 2450 passing yards, 24tds, 5ints

(Remaining opponent record of 33-21-1)

Patrick Mahomes is very good and putting up very impressive TDs/INTs numbers on the years. With a bit of a tougher remaining schedule than Lamar and his opponents for weeks 12-17 giving up an average of 193 yards passing. You can expect him to add another 1100 yards to his totals and another 13-14 TDs. He is the true favorite to win MVP based on remaining schedule.

Matt Phillips- 1943 passing yards(368rushing, 6tds), 16tds, 15ints

(Remaining opponent record of 40-14-1)

Matt Phillips… shocking the league by proving it just takes a good eye and some strong user skill to make an impact. With users worrying about slowing down the workhorse in Saquon Barkley, it has given the young kid a chance to expose some defenses. With maybe the toughest remaining schedule of opponents weeks 12-17 having a combined record of 40-14-1 you can expect this young QB to fall off this list as these opponents have given up an average of 166.5 yards a game through the air.

Joe Mixon- 911 rushing yards(391receiving, 3tds), 7tds, 6.6average

(Remaining opponent record of 30-26)

Joe Mixon is a bit of a surprise here. A new user showing some signs of success with a HB accumulating 1302 yards from scrimmage in the first 11 weeks and 10TDs. We will see if he can keep this up as his remaining opponents this year have given up an average of 124 rushing yards per game. I expect him to be the last HB in the top 10 of MVP just based off remaining opponents.

Melvin Gordon- 943 rushing yards(246receiving, 1td), 10tds, 6.2 average

(Remaining opponent record of 25-28-1)

Melvin Gordon III has been a top 2 HB these last two years, with the fall off of Barkley this season Melvin’s time to shine is now. With a big less than favorable remaining schedule and those opponents giving up an average of only 120 rushing yards per game accompanied with the low key success of the new QB Regan. I expect MG3 to be a top 5 for MVP but behind Jackson and Mahomes come year end. 

Ezekiel Elliott- 1080 rushing yards(91 receiving), 9tds, 6.6 average

(Remaining opponent record of 29-25-1)

I think not many say Ezekiel Elliott being on this list by  mid to late season but he has quietly put up nice numbers on the season and acting like the top 5 HB he should be. Though he has the advantage record wise of his remaining games he will face three of the top 5 rushing defenses in the Redskins(73yards/game), Seahawks(89yards/game), and Steelers(89yards/game) to end the year. I expect him to add another 650 on the season but to fall just short of the top 5 in the MVP race.

Kareem Hunt- 976 yards(301receiving, 2tds), 8tds, 6 average

(Remaining opponent record of 23-32)

Kareem Hunt is Star dev and not receiving and end of year bump or a dev story to this point has given Chris a reasons to pound the rock and fight for the dev bump. Hunt is acting like a top 5 back with speed and power; accumulating 1077 yards from scrimmage and 10 TDs so far. With a favorable remaining schedule or users that might be hunting for top pick, I suspect this will be the time to strike for Chris to move him up the board and make a push for best HB. 

Todd Gurley- 941rushing yards(165 receiving, 3tds), 8tds, 7.1average

(Remaining opponent record of 29-23-2)

Rams have been playing into their strength, and that being Todd Gurley. With and average of 7.1 yards per rush he has all the ability to make a late run as Nano looks to fight for a Wildcard spot. With above average difficulty in remaining schedule and those opponents giving up a more than generous average of 138 yards a game. Gurley has the chance to add on roughly 900 more yards on the season. I don’t expect a top finish for Gurley but HB of the yard award isn’t out of the question.

Logan Regan- 2368 passing yards, 19tds, 16ints

(Remaining opponent record 25-28-1)

Logan Regan, the draft pick heard around the world. The #1 pick in the draft season one and with some eyebrows raised on the amount of capital given up to acquire Regan people expected big things… Regan hasn’t disappointed big yardage numbers and also at times big interception numbers. Regan looks to close out a strong rookie campaign facing the most stingy passing defense sin the Chiefs(99yards/game) and a couple of the more generous passing defenses in the Falcons(220yards/game) and Panthers(202yards/game). With his remaining six opponents giving up an average of 183 yards per game; I expect Regan to tack on another 1100 yards and 10 TDs on his way to winning Rookie of the Year.

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