Midseason Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (1) New Orleans Saints7-0Dawson Knox has become a house hold name for the undefeated Saints. They stay on top.
2 (2) Houston Texans6-0Similar to 2019, Watson is heating up. 10 TDs to 1 INT in the last 3 games.
3 (3) Kansas City Chiefs7-0Mahomes establishing himself early for top of the MVP race, the Chiefs remain unbeaten.
4 (5) Seattle Seahawks6-0With the Niners going through a rough patch, the Seahawks return to form and Russell is going bananas.
5 (7) Baltimore Ravens5-1The Ravens defense has been a big factor in their strong start, they sit atop the one loss teams.
6 (6) Los Angeles Rams6-1While the Rams have played extremely well, they are heavily reliant on a dominant Todd Gurley. His health is the backbone of this roster.
7 (4) Chicago Bears5-1-1Mack boasts 14 sacks as the leagues best defense dominates the NFC North.
8 (11) New York Giants5-2Looking to avenge the early WC exist, Saquon and Matt Phillips put the Giants in the 8th position. The key addition this year? Marquise Goodwin.
9 (18) Los Angeles Chargers5-2Regan is still adjusting to the NFL but distributing well as the Chargers boast 3 receivers just shy of 500 yards.
10 (9) Philadelphia Eagles5-2Wentz suspensions are why this team is dropping, but when at full force they are a lethal NFC roster.
11 (10) Tennessee Titans4-33 straight losses see the Titans out of the top 10. It feels like people are catching onto the fact they are dedicated to the run.
12 (16) Miami Dolphins4-3Bryce Love continues to ball out on pace for a top 5 year at running back.But its not just the ball he is carrying, its the entire city of Miami.
13 (12) Green Bay Packers3-324 Interceptions for Aaron Rodgers. This may be his last year with us, so things are looking any prettier at the moment.
14 (14) Cincinnati Bengals3-3The Bengals aren’t where they were last year and are on the outside looking in on the AFC Wildcard chase.
15 (13) Oakland Raiders3-3Cam Newton is off to a rough start in Oakland, and the Raiders inability to run the ball effectively is to blame.
16 (15) Pittsburgh Steelers3-4Johnson boast impressive efficiency but if the results aren’t wins, is he really the future?
17 (25) Arizona Cardinals3-4We knew this team would improve when Kyler returned so expect the Cardinals to see a late season charge up the NFC standings.
18 (17) Minnesota Vikings2-4-1The Vikings inability to establish the ground game is their main issue, Tyree Jackson plays his best when the defense has to respect the ground game. But this division is open if they can put some wins together.
19 (22) Atlanta Falcons2-4The Falcons are the most inconsistent team in the NFL at the moment but play their best when they just give it to Tarik.
20 (19) New York Jets2-4The Jets are nowhere to be found. Their RB tandem has be the only light on this teams dark 2020. Can they rebound in a division that may need 6 wins to win?
21 (20) Carolina Panthers2-4Boasting one of Tops best defensive rosters, the Panthers are a prime roster for ground and pound and field position, they just need to limit turnovers.
22 (8) Washington Redskins2-4QB play has been the downfall thus far as the Redskins drop from 8 to 22.
23 (23) Denver Broncos2-4Since their solid start to the season, the Broncos have been awful. Allowing big plays to get the best of them is the reason for their place in the PR.
24 (26) Indianapolis Colts2-4The Colts have turned to give Marlon Mack some carries and its one of the reasons they jump two spots.
25 (30) New England Patriots2-4The Patriots begin the rebound from their 0-3 start but have to rebound first, from a 0-32 loss to KC. They have back to back divisional games which helps them.
26 (32) Cleveland Browns2-5Late game heroics and smart second half plays see the Browns rise from the bottom of the PR with 2 wins in their last 3 games.
27 (21) Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-5Tampa Bay is one of many teams that just can’t throw the ball well. They lose a heartbreaker to Seattle followed up by a blowout loss to New Orleans.
28 (27) Detroit Lions2-5The young flashy Bush breaks his hand this week and the Lions are simply not interesting without him. A tough blow to their 2020 season.
29 (29) Jacksonville Jaguars1-5The Jags have shown up on defense the last few weeks and facing the Lions out of the bye week may provide them an opportunity to get a home win.
30 (31) Buffalo Bills0-6No Wins, No Fun. The Bills are still in rebuild mode and have to produce some results at some point.
31 (24) Dallas Cowboys1-6The Cowboys are plain bad. They are killing themselves defensively
32 (28) San Francisco 49ers0-6Dan plz come back. The League needs you.

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