What do you know about our newest league member Max aka Billwalshsghost aka Bengals? Probably nothing.  Mr. LAnce here at Top Madden News Network has done some digging and brings to you:

***LEAKED*** Max’s Interview to get in to Top Madden.

1. Ok first, tell me about yourself.

I’m Max, 29, live in Campbell, pretty much just selling houses and coaching baseball.

Score: 5/5 (everyone gets a 5 here)

2. What relevant experience do you have that relates to the job opening?

When I was 15 I played in my first ea tournament in SF, I used the niners, they were the worst team in the game but it was the first madden with high speed online on PS2, so by playing online my cheese started to grow, I ended up going 1-1 in that tournament, lost to the eagles and a guy who put TO on the kick off team, true cheese.

Played in the next 2 ea madden tournaments after that, one was at pac bell which was pretty cool, best I’ve done is like 3-1 in one of those tournaments but I spent my high school madden years learning the cheese

Had two teams in the top 100 when they had OTP, we were nice, lost a tournament at sac state cause I might have got drunk between games but whatever I was rolling people

Score 0/5 No relevant experience.

3. Do you have ANY experience that DIRECTLY relates to the opening?

Oh in franchise? Naw, like last year a little but I can turn sim on and off.

 Score: 1/5 Said the word “sim”

4. What’s a piece of work you are most proud of?

The best madden thing I’ve ever done is my “madden coaching tree” Like blue, blue is my star pupil but I have others, ones your less proud of. I think of it like this, my bad pupils are like ugly girls, you don’t really brag about having sex with them but they’re still added to you overall count

Score: 3/5 (6 points for humor, -3 for Blue being in the coaching tree)

5. How well do you work in a team?  5A) How do you deal with difficult people?

I’m the DOM director of memes. When people are arguing or complaining in the chat I’ll send memes to troll. Memes are the best way of talking shit. 5A) Meme and more memes

Score: 5/5 Fights fire with fire.

6. What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

Runs fits, no one is better at pre snap adjustments to get the right head count in the run game. Weakness, I throw the ball too quick, don’t let routed develop which hurts the ole passing game.

Score: 3/5 good enough answer

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years (CFM Seasons)?

Oh this team will be a dumpster fire in 5 years

Score: 5/5 for honesty

8. What are you looking for in a league?

Honestly just freedom, I like being able to kind of “bend” rosters into my liking, for example the no safety at sub I get it but I like when people talk in the chat, it’s more entertaining, we have 32 nerds that are all here cause what, we like playing madden, enough to go through entire thing, might as well talk.

Score: 4/5 Good sense of Madden Community -1 for sub LB talk

9. If you could be any animal what would it be?

Bear and or croc because no one fucks with a bear…they are faster than you, stronger than you, and if you climb up a tree you’re entering their element. And croc, cause they’re basically dinosaurs.

Score 6/5 bonus points because Cory likes bears.

10. Why are manhole covers round?

Cause a “mans” “hole” is an exit only and needs to be protected from penetration.

Score 0/5 its 2019 any hole can be penetrated.

By Lance

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