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1 (1) New Orleans Saints3-0The Saints weren’t exactly movers this offseason but their one addition, Dawson Knox has shown he has a clear role in one of the leagues best offenses.
2 (2) Houston Texans3-0The Texans survive two playoff revenge games early and its been partly due to their star QB Watson who signed a mega deal that may change the future of this team, so far its for the better.
3 (7) Kansas City Chiefs3-0Rookie RB Austin Amos is the receiving back this team needed. Absolutely the most lethal offense in the league, the Chiefs sit firmly atop the AFC West.
4 (13) Chicago Bears3-0Calvin Ridley has All Pro written all over him. Dominate performances by him have helped elevate this Bears team to the top of the league.
5 (14) Seattle Seahawks3-0Russell Wilson has been nearly flawless through three weeks and it shows as this Seattle team is determined to out do their 2019.
6 (17) Los Angeles Rams3-0The Rams shined against the Jets last week but they are going to need to improve their late game defense if they want to crack the top 5.
7 (6) Baltimore Ravens2-1Ravens have been extremely impressive on offense. After making big offseason splashes, is this roster ready for the Super Bowl?
8 (26) Washington Redskins2-1Washington has had some tough games early and suffer their first loss. They continue to be one of the better defenses in Top, they just have to put together some drives as well.
9 (12) Philadelphia Eagles2-1Rookie safety Cole Amerson scores a multi-interception game and helps the Eagles defense to 2-1/
10 (10) Tennessee Titans2-1The Titans traded for Rivers who has struggled with the new system early, but a talented defense and reliable running attack keep the Titans from being forgotten.
11 (9) New York Giants2-1No one has any idea why the Giants have benched Jones for Matt Phillips but results show that it may be for the better. Giants will need strong QB play to win their division, can the Spartan get it done?
12 (8) Green Bay Packers2-1The Packers get an early bye week before some tough games. Must wins to rise the rankings.
13 (27) Oakland Raiders2-1The Raiders win in dramatic fashion against Atlanta and now they sit 2-1. Looks like Cam Newton has found his home in Oakland.
14 (20) Cincinnati Bengals2-1Mariota is red hot as the Bengals are tied atop the AFC N under new management.
15 (19) Pittsburgh Steelers2-2The Steelers are just entering the Johnson era and so far so good. Plenty of good things seen from a revamped offense.
16 (24) Miami Dolphins1-2The Dolphins have been fantastic on the ground but they are struggling to keep the opponents from dropping 30 a game, thus neutralizing their ground dominance.
17 (11) Minnesota Vikings1-2Facing one of the tougher schedules thus far, the Tyree Jackson project continues, but only one season until their cap space is wide open.
18 (4) Los Angeles Chargers1-2Regan has yet to show Top why he was worthy of the first overall pick, but the Chargers schedule should ease up a bit allowing the rookie to learn without constant pressure in his face.
19 (5) New York Jets1-2The Jets offense has been really solid and the passing game has shown improvement, but they have really struggled against some good offenses, I wouldn’t panic if I’m a jets fan.
20 (28) Carolina Panthers1-2CMC has been the lone high point in this offense but the rest has been forgettable. The Panthers are very young though so there is absolutely room for growth.
21 (18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-2The Buccaneers are just bad right now. On all phases of the ball they can’t execute and its not looking pretty in Tampa.
22 (22) Atlanta Falcons1-2The Falcons lose a heart breaker and the fans may be questioning if the offseason moves were worth it.
23 (21) Denver Broncos1-2The Broncos win a close one against New England, but still have yet to establish week to week dominance. Kion Robbins has helped this defense with solid impact plays early.
24 (25) Dallas Cowboys1-2The Cowboys are finally finding ways to open up the run game, its time they took the training wheels (in-game assist) off.
25 (16) Arizona Cardinals1-2This team is average with Kyler healthy and dreadful when he is hurt, they need their Qb back asap.
26 (29) Indianapolis Colts1-2The Colts decided to make HInes their everydown back and it isn’t paying off. One carry for Marlon Mack simply wont cut it for this offense who thrived off the run last year.
27 (23) Detroit Lions1-2The Lions defense has been stout, but like last year they took a week 1 win and then did nothing, this year is more of the same.
28 (3) San Francisco 49ers0-3The Niners have been a ghost town, can they afford more losses with how well Seattle has played?
29 (30) Jacksonville Jaguars0-3The Jags made some huge draft day picks but the issue now is that they are getting really tough games early. Once these guys develop they will be a problem.
30 (15) New England Patriots0-3The Brady Era is over, and no surpise the Pats are at the bottom without the GOAT.
31 (31) Buffalo Bills0-3Its gonna take some time to reap the benefits of trading back, but the Bills talent that is here now hasn’t been impressive.
32 (32) Cleveland Browns0-3The Browns improved their defense this offseason but its not showing much at the moment, similar to last year, they start on a losing streak

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