Who are those who lead us on this Madden Journey? What is it that drives them? Where will we end once the drive comes to a halt? These are the questions I seek to answer in…

Getting to know your CM’s a 5 Part Series

Part 1: an Interview with Cory Craig

Mr. LAnce: So we know your a Bills fan, but that aside, what excited you most about the Bills this cycle?

Cory Craig: For me besides being a fan of the team it was the roster… it’s very young and there isn’t a lot of needs outside of the fun positions to draft.

MrL: What was the one young player you looked forward to playing with the most?

CC: It was having young guys like Edmunds, Milano, White, Oliver, and Josh. this will be the first cycle that I haven’t drafted a QB, kind of interested in seeing how that goes for me.

MrL: I know you chose to be a Bills fan despite being a Washington resident because the Seahawk fans became insufferable. Not to paint with to broad of a brush but what makes Seahawk fans so insufferable?

CC: I think most of them just don’t seem to know much about football, not necessarily how the game works but the roster and the players they are rooting for. It just seems to have a very fair-weather fan feel about the fans. Not all of them for sure but most of them have a hard time explaining anything about their team without yelling SEA! HAWKS! or 12th man.

MrL: Thats so true, I taught my one year that chant *chuckles Audibly* so he is tied with most hawk fans

MrL: Okay here is a question for Maddenheads, 4th and 10 you’re down 14 and desperately need the 1st down. What play are you running, walk me through your reads.

CC: I don’t have really a set play but I am going to look at something with a corner and a post, a drag and with a HB coming out in and angle/v route. [Then I will ] watch the CB to see how they play and where the LB goes, if the LB clears try to hit the HB and if the corner of post is open hit that. Watch the drag last.

MrL: *nods imitating understanding*

MrL: If you could eat dinner with any one alive or dead …

CC: Besides my dad… Chance the Rapper, Ellen DeGeneres, or maybe Stephen Hawking. I think these people have all lead very happy lives and have made a very positive impact on the world, it would be nice to talk to them about how they maintained that and what they do to when they feel that positive energy slipping away from them.

MrL: As someone who habitually picks top 5 in the draft, what’s most important to you when deciding between one too prospect or another?

CC: There is a ton of factors that go into it; for me it’s looking at the best player(s) and valuing my need vs what I could get if someone else needed that more.Taking age, grades, possible dev story, and combine to make the best guessIf the need isn’t perfect for what I am look than I’ll trade back to see if I can set myself up with a later pick and some future picks.

MrL: Awesome! Thanks man! This is the type of content
I signed up for. I appreciate your thoughtfulness

CC: Of Course

This is the conclusion of TheMrLAnce’s 5 part mini series, we look forward to catching you next time.

By Lance

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