RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 () New Orleans SaintsEven with Drew Brees regressing Danny sits atop his throne until proven otherwise
2 () Houston TexansA very mild off-season with no big changes leaves the Texans where they ended last season, chasing a superbowl
3 () San Francisco 49ersAfter gamesharking for dev stories, Dan’s playoff beating almost led him to play Smite full time. Nontheless he’s back with more dev stories in S2
4 () Los Angeles ChargersTy drafted the premier QB prospect but an already loaded team who is better in S2 will continue to make the Chargers a contender
5 () New York JetsTroy either is going to do well again or go 4-12. Was he working on his game when he went MIA or was he too busy showing people his different hair styles?
6 () Baltimore RavensJordan + Lamar = success
7 () Kansas City ChiefsWarren + not playing at midnight with 2 susp players = success
8 () Green Bay PackersPest + suspending everyones players = success
9 () New York GiantsBlue’s season rides on Barkley. If Top Madden believed in injuries this would be critical but no one get’s hurt so gl to all
10 () Tennessee TitansKMCD is really good, just really inconsistent. This is his year to make the playoffs
11 () Minnesota VikingsArlen spend his off-season doing scientific research on his team and the results will be the playoffs in S2
12 () Philadelphia EaglesDonny finds himself good but not great for the 17th season in a row
13 () Chicago BearsWillie with the blockbuster trade and can find himself hovering the wildcard spot
14 () Seattle SeahawksBoom finally cares for once and has the playoff push ready to go
15 () New England PatriotsTom Brady regressed, Davey regressed
16 () Arizona CardinalsSeran’s tank plan didn’t go as well as it should’ve but with rising stars makes this team more competitive
17 () Los Angeles RamsNano wins by 35 or loses to random people, I have no idea I can’t make controller jokes anymore
18 () Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlex finished 7-9 without posting in chat once
19 () Pittsburgh SteelersSteele traded his whole o-line and will surprise some with his S2 performance
20 () Cincinnati BengalsSteele’s brother joins the league and has some tough shoes to fill. This is not the division to be the FNG in.
21 () Denver BroncosGmoney played his first league game the day he got Madden. Slow improvements leads this team to a better season.
22 () Atlanta FalconsAllen is wild and will blitz 47 guys. Every game is a shootout.
23 () Detroit LionsTony is much better than his S1 record showed, he has promise going forward.
24 () Miami DolphinsKyle didn’t have the best offseason but he…yeah i got nothing. No minkah, no OL, no division title in sight.
25 () Dallas CowboysDallas has an absolutely loaded roster, then all of their o-lineman went on the block. I can’t figure this out.
26 () Washington RedskinsThe downfall continues, it seemed like so long ago Grid was winning
27 () Oakland RaidersDerek sails his way into S2 and makes his opponents walk the plank
28 () Carolina PanthersWoat traded Cam Newton, we have to see it to believe it in terms of winning
29 () Indianapolis ColtsJose is back and get’s a young talented Colts team. Has to earn his stripes before we rank him higher.
30 () Jacksonville JaguarsLance is a really nice guy, please win more games
31 () Buffalo BillsOP team + OP emoji maker = not OP record
32 () Cleveland BrownsCory spent his weekend in the woods to bring out the animal in him

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