1 – Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Logan Regan, QB, Oklahoma St.

Grade: A

The only reason there isn’t an A+ for Regan is due to the sheer amount of loot he had to give up in order to secure the rookie. The meta of the NFL is load a roster with a rookie QB contract, and the lack of picks means the window for the Chargers is that much smaller, nonetheless Regan is everything he hoped he would be.

2 – Detroit Lions

Pick: Kevin Gessner, ROLB, Notre Dame

Grade: B+

Gessner is a very well balanced pass rusher who joins a DL that has a need at the position. His value will really be found in his ability to not only rush the passer, but handle the dirty work of the run game, though sloppy tackling could lead to some chunk yardage plays.

3 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Marc Quinton, Edge, UTEP

Grade: B-

Quinton is not as polished as Gessner but the potential is what made him go at 3. The lack of run stopping ability may keep him off the field and he may lose some valuable snaps early in his career.

4 – Carolina Panthers

Pick: Marc Sylvan, TE, Oregon St.

Grade: A

Sylvan will join new free agent Jack Doyle to finish off the Panthers new TE group. A staple of the Cam Newton offense, Sylvan is a perfect fit to come in, contribute, and develop into the star we know he is.

5 – Cleveland Browns

Pick: Lamarcus Parker, CB, Duke

Grade: A

As predicted, Parker becomes a Brown and now Cleveland possesses quite possibly the best man coverage secondary in Top. Parker plays physical for his size, but may struggle in the complexity of NFL zone defenses.

6 – Buffalo Bills

Pick: Bruce Reid, MLB, Miami

Grade: B+

Reid is an A caliber player who wasn’t a need for a team that finished dead last in the NFL for a reason. Reid is the perfect linebacker to compliment Edmunds and can help them stop the run heavy offenses of the AFC East.

7 – Oakland Raiders

Pick: Marion Hannah, WR

Grade: B+

Hannah compliments this offense so well and will only see more snaps with the attention AB will need. With Reid getting sniped they decide to take the BPA which is the reason for the lower grade is getting a non-need at WR who has some drop issues, but he will be an elite route runner for years to come.

8 – Tennessee Titans

Pick: Isaac Burroughs, RB, FSU

Grade: B-

Burroughs joins a team that really needs a quarterback. They moved a stud running back for a first rounder so they could get worse at the position. Burroughs is a very talented speed back with very little passing game ability, it just seems like he won’t be able to earn snaps from Dion Lewis.

9 – Philadelphia Eagles

Pick: Cole Amerson, SS, FSU

Grade: D

Amerson really doesn’t fit the mold to be a SS in the Eagles system. He struggles to tackle, is not an enforcers, and is pretty useless against the run. The Eagles trade up and get a player that may not be on the team in a few seasons.

10 – Buffalo Bills

Pick: Roy Aiken, FS, Tulsa

Grade: C-

The Bills looked to replace Poyer with a younger talent and they get a project FS who can’t play in the box and doesn’t have the speed to play in C3 schemes. He does have some slot usage but needs to improve on the things that separate corners and safeties.

11 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Landon McClendon, HB, Ohio State

Grade: C-

Similar to the Bills, the Jags created holes to draft players in those holes with out any real focus. McClendon is objectively worse at everything that Fournette is and the Jags deal Fournette away for a pick that hold no real value. While they may view this as a luxury pick as they already secured a pass rusher, McClendon isn’t everyones favorite pick. That being said, he is a very talented running back and quite possibly the best in this class. Expect him to be fed early and often.

12 – Indianapolis Colts

Pick: Brian Chavez, DDT

Grade: B-

The Colts fill a need with a dynamic interior lineman who is quite the athlete. A pass rush specialist who is no slack in the run game, he is a 3 tech who can change the game.

13 – Denver Broncos

Pick: Kion Robbins, CB

Grade: C

Broncos secure a nickel corner in anticipation for the CHJ regression. The issue is, he is more an athlete than he is an NFL corner and it may take some time for him to adjust to the insane passing offenses in the AFC W.

14 – Miami Dolphins

Pick: Shawn Sitton, RG

Grade: F

The Dolphins skip past the best two guards in the draft and take Sitton in the top 15. Theres really no explanation for it.

15 – Washington Redskins

Pick: Tim Goldman, LG, Florida

Grade: A+

The Skins fill a need with one of the best talents in the draft in Florida’s Tim Goldman. While he isn’t the youngest of OL, he is the clear best in this draft and will fit perfectly in next to Trent Williams.

16 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Parrish McPherson, DT, ECU

Grade: B

Pittsburgh gets their Heyward replacement, but he is a little raw. He is very strong and a balanced interior lineman who fits in well with a DL where he isn’t asked to be the best player.

Pro Comparison: Terron Armstead

17 – New England Patriots

Pick: Kimani Webster, LE

Grade: C+

Webster is a solid addition but struggles to have the versatility the Patriots defenses crave. Lacking football IQ, athleticism, and relying on the same tools limit his day one impact, but he can grow into a valuable player with time.

18 – Miami Dolphons

Pick: Sean Holloway, RT

Grade: B

Holloway is the second rookie to join the Dolphins DL and actually looks to be the day one favorite for the position. a strong tackle is important in the NFL where the pass rushers are coming from the right and Holloway is a solid addition.

19 – Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: Austin Amos, HB, Cincinnatti

Grade: B+

Austin is a great fit for an offense that many didn’t think would go to KC. Amos is a very skilled pass catcher which only makes pass defense against Mahomes that more difficult. Amos excels in all things about the third down game from running, catching, and protecting the QB. A great pick.

20 – Tennessee Titans

Pick: LaMarcus Joseph, FS

Grade: C-

The Titans really didn’t have a need for FS with Byard back there and they still don’t address the quarterback issue. Joseph is athletic yes but isn’t the guy you can allow to free roam. The Titans need more from this first round.

21 – Cleveland Browns

Pick: Shon Ford, RT

Grade: A+

Shrimp lands a great pick and the future at the tackle position. A very strong tackle who graded the as one of the best in nearly everything. Excellent pick here for Cleveland.

22 – San Francisco 49ers

Pick: Dre Claybrooks, LT,

Grade: B

Claybrooks is viewed a developmental tackle with plenty of upside. Using mostly his power to dominate at the college level, he will be asked to anchor the left side of this line with Staley’s retirement.

23 – Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Bob Eberle, LG, Miami

Grade: C+

The Bengals fill a need but reach on a pass specialist guard who may need some time to adjust to the pro level. Nonetheless new ownership wants to see more wins in the trenches and they add Bob to help them out.

24 – Atlanta Falcons

Pick: Brent Short, TE, Tennessee

Grade: B

Short is a big red zone target at tight end who is as reliable as they come. The Falcons parted with Austin Hooper this offseason sending him to New England so he should be slotted for the starter role. Short is a liability in the run blocking game but has some true value to a red zone offense that has relied solely on Julio to score.

25 – New York Jets

Pick: Gilbert Lemon, WR

Grade: C-

Lemon is a real unknown talent that many didn’t not expect to go in the first round but Sam Darnold struggled to throw touchdowns so a big red zone target could help in that area.

26 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pick: Raymond Galiendo

Grade: C+

Galiendo was the top center in the draft and he goes to Tampa who has a need next to their star guard Ali Marpet. Galiendo may take some time to get up to speed but he certainly is an improvement at the position.

27 – Minnesota Vikings

Pick: John Ray, LE

Grade: B-

The Vikings look to the future and draft a replacement for Griffen. Ray is a true 4-3 end with good size and athleticism. A little lackluster in run defense, expect the linebackers to cheat to his side while he develops to the power run offenses that dominate the NFC N.

28 – Philadelphia Eagles



29 – San Francisco 49ers

Pick: Conor Gardner, LT, Texas A&M

Grade: B-

The Niners double up on tackle which really can’t hurt them. This increases their chances of replacing Staley and they didn’t lose any offensive pieces the issue is, Gardner is not close to being pro ready and will need some love and care to get there.

30 – Baltimore Ravens

Pick: Jeremy Stanley, MLB

Grade: C-

Stanley goes a round earlier than expected but can come in and compete for third down snaps in a very fast Ravens defense. Stanley can hold his own in coverage but athleticism and run defense are not on his side.

31 – Houston Texans

Pick: Corey Orr, RB, Ohio St.

Grade: D

The Texans fill a long term need with a player that may not be around long term. Orr had Leonard Fournette comparisons in college while in Columbus but simply is too one dimensional to expect more than a committee and goal line role unless his game improves vastly.

32 – Los Angeles Rams

Pick: Rashaun Thomas, FS, Virginia Tech

Grade: C

Thomas has good coverage instincts but lacks the speed to expand the Ram’s defensive coverage scheme. Thomas can develop but will be expected to contribute early as Weddle has retired from football.

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