1 – Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Logan Regan, QB, Oklahoma St.

The Chargers trade up to six, and up again to one and only one position causes this much movement, and thats the fake handoff-er. Regan a big, strong armed QB is likely first off the board. Known for his accuracy, size, and arm he is everything you want in a quarterback. The Chargers have all they need surrounding him, they just know their window is closing without Regan in powder blue.

Pro Comp: Joe Flacco

2 – Detroit Lions

Pick: Marion Hannah, WR, Ohio St.

The 5ft11 Buckeye is everything the Lions need at the receiver position. While his 40 time isn’t what most desire, Hannah is a versatile receiving threat that can play inside and outside and dominates in small spaces. Very reliable hands and pro level route running puts Hannah as top candidate to play in the slot for Detroit.

Pro Comp: Anthony Miller

3 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Marc Quinton, Edge, UTEP

Since the emergence of Khalil Mack, no NFL fears a small school pass rusher if they have the numbers and a strong combine. Quinton not only won the Heisman at UTEP, but he ran a 4.62 showing he has pro level speed for the position. The Jags chose not to pay premier pass rusher Yannick and a rookie deal with an equally talented pass rusher may be the best move for them.

Pro Comp: Ryan Kerrigan

4 – Carolina Panthers

Pick: Marc Sylvan, TE, Oregon St.

While the Panthers had some defensive depth needs, both Witten and Olsen retired this offseason leaving a gaping whole in this offense. Sylvan is considered the best talent in this draft and after a solid combine he may be the fit for Carolina at #4. This would be the highest a TE has ever been drafted since Vernon Davis At 6 overall but Sylvan is worth it if he possesses an X factor ability.

Pro Comp: Zach Ertz

5 – Cleveland Browns

Pick: Lamarcus Parker, CB, Duke

Word on the street is the Browns are looking to get more man coverage focused and adding a nickel corner could be the piece that opens the potential for this defense. Parker excels in press man coverage and was hailed for his football IQ making him a perfect fit for a defense that wants him to step in and be a playermaker day one.

Pro Comp: Bradley Roby

6 – Buffalo Bills

Pick: Kevin Gessner, ROLB, Notre Dame

The Bills brought in a haul moving back from 1.1 but they still land an absolute animal of an edge rusher. Gessner is a weight room junkie with that Insane power and ability. A solid combine puts him up there with Quinton in terms of this drafts top edge rusher. He’s a perfect piece to continue to build this talented young defense.

Pro Comp: Bradley Chubb

7 – Oakland Raiders

Pick: Bruce Reid, MLB, Miami

Reid scores the highest at the position in terms of his agility drills at the combine and is everything you look for in terms of a gap filling linebacker. An instant starter on almost any team regardless of base personnel. The ultimate bruiser the only downside is his coverage abilities when asked to take on more responsibility.

Pro Comp: Jarrad Davis

8 – Tennessee Titans

Pick: Rich Edmond, QB, Minnesota

Edmond soars up the draft boards after a weak QB class shakes the first round like it normally does. Edmond didn’t exactly dominate college but many contribute that to the roster around him. He can make any NFL level throw with accuracy and has one of the bigger arms in the draft class.

Pro Comp: Sam Darnold

9 – Washington Redskins

Pick: Kion Robbins, CB, UCLA

While corner certainly isn’t an immediate need for Washington, they don’t have much talent on the young side there. Kion is a perfect candidate to come in as a nickel and learn the ropes as he develops into a more comfortable role. A WR convert, Robbins flashes insane ball skills to go along with a 38 inch vert, and 16 bench press reps to lead the position group at the combine.

Pro Comp: K’wuan Williams

10 – Buffalo Bills

Pick: Jeremy Stanley, MLB, Lehigh

The Bills trade up here and look to pair Stanley with Edmunds to create a linebacker group as equally deadly in pass defense as they are in run defense. Stanley is the fastest off ball linebacker in the draft and as sure a tackler as you will see at his level. Issues of competition level have been brought up with him going to Lehigh but his combine is enough to keep him in the first round.

Pro Comp: Reuben Foster

11 – Chicago Bears

Pick: Parrish McPherson, DT, ECU

The Bears are looking to get tougher on defense and the 22 year old run stuffer is the best guy for the job. With 34 reps and great technique, the ex-Pirate is a lock for the first round and his ferociousness makes him a perfect fit to join Alcatraz.

Pro Comp: Grady Jarrett

12 – Indianapolis Colts

Pick: Cole Amerson, SS, Kansas St.

Cole Amerson is the first safety off the board at 12 to the Colts. In a division that is very talented at wide receiver, having smarter and more athletic safeties on the field is a must. Amerson is the strongest and one of the fastest at the position and is praised for his football IQ, positioning, and coverage abilities. He dominated the combine in Indy, now he will lead the defense in Indy.

Pro Comp: Jabrill Peppers

13 – Denver Broncos

Pick: Tim Goldman, LG, Florida

The Broncos shined in a few games, but need to build around the young pieces of their offense and this starts in the trenches. Goldman is a zone block specialist with great mobility at the guard position. A strong run blocker is a must have for a team that will rely on Phillip Lindsay for yards.

Pro Comp: David DeCastro

14 – Miami Dolphins

Pick: John Ray, DE, North Dakota State

The Dolphins believe loading their defensive line is the key to success for them. Ray is a raw athlete who uses his agility to get to the quarterback. While he may suffer slightly in run defense, he is very powerful and plays the stretch efficiently.

Pro Comp: Takk McKinley

15 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pick: Roy Aiken, FS, Tulsa

Roy Aiken’s unique height for the position and ball skills have him flying up the boards late. The Tulsa safety is a menace on defense who can play over top in cover 3 schemes or in the box as a run disruptor. Very twitchy and an excellent tackler who rarely makes mistakes in the open field.

Pro Comparison: Landon Collins

16 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Dre Claybrooks, LT, Baylor

The Steelers struggled to get the run going last cycle and getting a powerful young tackle would help remedy that issue. Claybrooks will probably make his home on the right side while he develops his pass protection abilities but is a good fit for a Steelers team that prides itself on a sturdy run game.

Pro Comparison: Terron Armstead

17 – New England Patriots

Pick: LaMarcus Joseph, FS, Virginia Tech

The loss of Devin McCourty means the Patriots need a rangy free safety with ball skills. Joseph is a little raw but is a good candidate for the position after a strong combine. Excellent athleticism and a little nurturing could turn Joseph into one of the leagues better young safeties.

Pro Comp: LaMarcus Joyner

18 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Brent Short, TE, Tennessee

Short in one word is reliable. He isn’t an athletic phenom, but he works hard to perfect his craft and he is a do it all tight end. Short was built for red zone touchdowns with great size at 6ft6 and quite possibly the best hands in the class including the receivers. The Jags fill a need here and add a reliable scoring option for when the ground game can’t punch it in.

Pro Comp: Jack Doyle

19 – Minnesota Vikings

Pick: Edward Williamson, Interior, Arkansas

Williamson is a 300 pounder who has the speed to play edge if he wanted to. The Vikings need a young interior lineman and Williamson is the most athletic and best pass rusher of the group.

Pro Comp: Matthew Ioaniddis

20 – Tennesee Titans

Pick: Landon McClendon, HB, Ohio State

Landon is a perfect power compliment to the agile Dion Lewis and is the youngest back in the class. While he may not possess home run speed, he is an every down back with great power and vision and should thrive behind the Titans power run offense.

Pro Comp: Kerryon Johnson

21 – Cleveland Browns

Pick: Kedarius Witherspoon, LT, Temple

The Browns need to secure Baker’s protection immediately. Witherspoon is the best pure pass blocker in the class with great length. While not as dominant in the run, it is not a weakness by any means. Witherspoon is the future at tackle for Cleveland and they need to take him now.

Pro Comp: Alejandro Villanueva

22 – San Francisco 49ers

Pick: Stacey Warmack, LT, Houston

Joe Staley retired this year and the Niners need a tackle bad. Not the best at anything in this draft, Warmack is an all around tackle who will be important for this Niners offense looking to get back to the NFC Championship.

Pro Comp: Greg Robinson

23 – Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Kimani Webster, Interior, Virginia

The Bengals understand how important having a premier defensive tackle can be, but Geno will only slow down from here. Kimani is a powerful interior registering 31 bench presses and is quite well rounded. A little to be desired in terms of his agility, but he has good bull rush and stuffs the run as well as anyone in the class.

Pro Comp: Derek Wolfe

24 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Cam Stanton, QB, Colorado

While many think Cam may not be pro ready, the Steelers can afford the risk. He has a powerful arm, solid in the short and intermediate ranges but can he push the ball down field? The 22 year old is a good fit for an offense that is already built out that needs a Big Ben replacement.

Pro Comp: Case Keenum

25 – New York Jets

Pick: Raymond Galindo, C, UNC

The Jets are thin at OL and Galiendo is at 21 is a pro ready center with lots of room to grow. The Strongest at his position he is the perfect run blocking center to handle the load that the Jets plan to place on the run game.

Pro Comp: Frank Ragnow

26 – Philadelphia Eagles

Pick: Wyatt Allen, RG, Wyoming

The Eagles have an immediate gap at the guard position and Wyatt is the best run blocking guard in this class. Hes fast enough to pull effectively at the pro level and has the technique to play in zone schemes. While it may be a reach here, the Eagles need to do everything to keep Carson protected and this run game flowing.

27 – Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: Conor Gardner, LT, Texas A&M

The Chiefs found success late in the season with their run game, but they traded away their starting LT. Gardner is not much of a pass protector but excels in the run game and could be a valuable addition to KC to keep this offense moving.

Pro Comp: La’el Collins

28 – Philadelphia Eagles

Pick: Louis Creer, Interior, Virginia

After his teammate is mocked to Cincy at 23, Creer is a more versatile pass rusher and would find plenty of mentorship behind Fletcher Cox. The Eagles famed DL is getting a bit older, so adding in Creer could allow them to reload for the future.

Pro Comp: Larry Ogunjobi

29 – San Francisco 49ers

Pick: LaMarcus Charles, CB, Miami

While not the most skilled athlete in the draft, Charles is a press man corner who can be of value if not asked to be on an island. The Niners have some depth and Sherman is still around but they need a solution for when he is gone and Charles may be a guy who can be a fringe starter with high upside.

Pro Comp: Aaron Colvin

30 – Baltimore Ravens

Pick: Isaiah Burroughs, HB, Florida State

Isaiah had an excellent combine but many feel that he relies too much on his athletic ability at the college level. Possessing excellent vision and open field ability, he isn’t a clear out work horse back like the other top running backs we have seen taken over the years. Nonetheless, he finds a home in a backfield that will ask him to do what he does best and but him into positions to succeed.

Pro Comp: Dalvin Cook

31 – Houston Texans

Pick: Austin Amos, HB, Cincinnati

The Texans moved on from Lamar Miller and sign Damien Williams in Free Agency. While Hyde and Williams can carry the load of the carries in this power run offense, Amos is a perfect fit to shoulder the third down carries and empty sets that Houston uses. A quick twitch running back with elite open field ability, Amos is a deadly back if used correctly.

Pro Comp: Darren Sproles

32 – Los Angeles Rams

Pick: Nelson Towns, RT, Vanderbilt

The Rams as a unit are stacked but there are some glaring holes, one of which is the tackle position. Towns is a young prospect who is a bit raw but can compete for the starting RT spot should the Rams move Havenstein to the left side.

Pro Comp: Laken Tomlinson

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