Week 15 Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (1) New Orleans Saints12-1Saints(clinched) remain in the top spot despite a week 13 loss to the surprise Falcons. Any given Sunday is the theme here as this maybe be the humble/wake up call the Saints needed with the playoffs approaching.
2 (3) New York Jets12-1Jets(Clinched) jump the Chargers on the PR having clinched a spot in the playoffs. Jets have been a slight surprise this year but have played clean and played for the respect he has earned around the league as a serious contender in for year 1.
3 (2) Los Angeles Chargers11-3Hello. Chargers can win… Bolts are in Charge of their own destiny and whether you think it’s because of their juiced team lead by MG3 and Joey Bosa or because of the user skills; you need to be ready as this team is ready to make an electric push into the playoffs.
4 (6) Kansas City Chiefs10-3Chiefs rise a few spots going into the final few weeks of the season. This team is right where people thought they would be holding the #2 spot for points scored so far this season(464). This team can win with the best of them and should be considered deep playoff if not SB contender.
5 (7) Baltimore Ravens9-4Ravens round out the list here of teams first to 10+ wins. Ravens team is built on speed which can have got them this far but will face some stronger teams than he has seen this year as he makes his way through the playoffs. Speed kills… but it can easily kill this playoff run if mistake free football isn’t played.
6 (3) Houston Texans9-4Texans are a 12-14 win a season team. They hold a high scoring offense but seems to play to the talent they are playing against from time to time; over thinking football strategy could be the downfall of this team or the reason they succeed as we move into late weeks and playoffs.
7 (15) Tennessee Titans9-4Titans have had some luck but with a 3 game win streak they are getting hot at just the right time. This team is very much a shock at this spot but is just grinding out wins. I see this team getting in but making a quick exit from the playoffs.
8 (13) Philadelphia Eagles9-4Eagles are a team to watch, the division is in their hands with 3 division games to close out the year and a huge week 17 matchup with Giants who are knocking at the door.
9 (12) Chicago Bears9-5Bears are a product of what ever effort Willie puts into it. He can easily win or lose if his mind is focused. His biggest challange has always been the playoffs. He has scored 329 points this year will allowing 316 points so you never know with this team.
10 (6) San Francisco 49ers9-49ers at losing at the wrong time. As playoffs near they are sporting a 3 game losing streak heading into week 15 which is not the right time to forget how to win. If they aren’t careful the Seahawks might sneak up and steal the division leaving them sitting at home watching come January.
11 (18) New York Giants8-6The New York Saquons are a team that can win if they can continue to win if they can keep their Star on the field. With the Rushing records being broken last week he will have to monitor the risk reward of obliterating a stat record to make sure he has his bellcow for the playoffs if he makes it in.
12 (10) Cincinnati Bengals9-5Bengals are a team against time, with Ptown leaving after the season it’s now or never for a playoff run. To please the users of TOP madden he ran a fake FG for the burger against the Patriots and will be eating a suspension going into next because of it which could result in him sliding into a spot that could see him missing playoffs.
13 (11) Minnesota Vikings8-5Vikings can win or lose depending on what ROTY canddiate Tyree Jackson wants to do that week. Sporting a +16 point differental on the season, Vikings will need to fight to win out and have a chance.
14 (8) Green Bay Packers8-6Packers took a strange turn since the last PR which sees them making a large drop in this update. Having hit a string of loses to the Chargers, Panthers, and Giants their hopes have all but left of seeing playoffs year 1. Maybe the year 1 trades set them back more than expected, this will be a team that we will have to wait till next year to see if this was a fluke or not.
15 (14) Seattle Seahawks7-6Seahawks are a team that flipped between wins and losses for the first 7 weeks and have since went 2 wins followed by 2 losses and now are on a 2 game win streak with a close out schedule of Panthers, Cardinals, and 9ers. This is the time to get hot and stay hot as they can win out and sneak in the division lead over a 9ers that has hit a losing streak.
16 (19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-7With a Bucs season all but over, now is the time to finish strong as the appear to be doing holding a 2 game win streak heading into the final weeks.
17 (9) Indianapolis Colts6-7Not sure what happened here, Teams were not expecting this of the Colts after starting the season 4-0, They have since dropped 7 of their last 9 games.
18 (16) New England Patriots6-8Patriots biggest issue is that they have only got 1 dev story, that is the only thing keeping them from being a 10 win team. That and how inaccurate Brady has been. Lets see if Davey can fix these issues in the offseason as he looks to find Brady’s replacement.
19 (17) Miami Dolphins6-7-1Dolphins have remained playing some decent ball with what magic is left in Fitzpatrick. Expect this team to get better heading into next year and getting their Franchise QB back.
20 (20) Washington Redskins5-7-1Redskins have been all over the place this year, Whether is regret for taking a worse team or skill, something need to change for this team to turn it around season 2.
21 (30) Atlanta Falcons5-8Falcons with a surprise 4 game winning streak with maybe one of the biggest surprises coming in a week 13 win over an undefeated Saints team. Falcons are finishing the season strong and showing that he isn’t the 0-6 team everyone thought he was at the beginning of the season.
22 (24) Los Angeles Rams6-8Rams are looking to finish the season strong and build some momentum into next season. Had flashes this year and has the roster to build on a possible run. Just needs to lock in and get a few more pieces.
23 (23) Arizona Cardinals6-8Cardinals main goal to finish out the season is to ruin the 1st round pick they sent to the Chargers. They are doing everything they can to make that trade look better for them.
24 (22) Denver Broncos5-8Broncos have played great when they win and looked lackluster in some loses. Going to be looking to fill one of many needs in the draft and hope to turn things around in the next couple seasons.
25 (29) Oakland Raiders4-9Raiders are on a 3 game losing streak and have been outscored on the season by 81 points. Time to do a deep dive and figure out what needs ot change.
26 (32) Cleveland Browns3-10Browns aren’t the worst anymore!! After starting the season 0-8 they have won 3 of their last 5 games, With maybe a game of the year candidate in the Browns and Phins week 12 matchup before EA pulling the plug.
27 (26) Dallas Cowboys3-11Cowboys who hold one of IFnot the best stock roster in the game show that you also need to be decent at the game to win. All eyes interested in this team are now going to be watching that CAP space and see who is staying and who is going as they move into the offseason.
28 (21) Pittsburgh Steelers3-10Steelers seem like they have all but given up at this point. With Juju being the only one the can get open and him being suspended, expect this team to not win more as they move into the offseason figuring out the airparent to Big Ben.
29 (27) Carolina Panthers3-10Panthers have won some big games this year but haven’t been able to string wins together. Expect them to make an improvement next year once they fill a couple holes in the draft and Bruns gets his abilities.
30 (28) Detroit Lions2-11Lions are a product of their roster. Kenny Golladay has given this team his all but it just isn’t enough. Expect Tony to draft and build around Kenny to get to the normal Tony teams we are used to seeing full of speed and big plays.
31 (25) Buffalo Bills2-11Bills are where the Bills are. User error lack of WR talent… Call it what you will but expect him to build around Allen, Henry, and Oliver as they move forward with this young roster.
32 (31) Jacksonville Jaguars1-12Jaguars have lost big game and lost close games. Expect them to build on this stacked defense and to hopefully make strides in the next couple seasons.

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