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Week 9 Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (2) New Orleans Saints8-0The Saints remain undefeated and march into the number 1 spot of the power rankings. Danny had nice wins Willie week 7 and Fin week 1. The rest of his games he has done what he we projected him to do, Win. He wont face another test until he play Mindfire week 14
2 (3) Los Angeles Chargers8-1YES GRIDIRON, I have someone with 1 loss higher than the undefeated Jets…So shoot me. This is in no way a slant at Troy but Ty sports W’s agianst Fin, Willie and Pest. That is an impressive Resume (just ask Cory he sees a lot of them.)
3 (8) New York Jets8-0Hot Damn Troy has been playing lights out. Can anyone stop Bell? The only *blemish (notice the astrick because it has nothing to do with Troy) is his toughest opponent was Davey I guess? Maybe Kyle? Can’t hold that against him though. The Jets will face some tougher competition later in the season when they take on Cincinnatti and Baltimore but even if they drop both those games expect a 14-2 finish atleast.
4 (10) Houston Texans6-2After starting the season 2-2 The Fin lead Texans Respond in a big way winning 5 straight and bringing the record up to 6-2. Only dropping games to Danny and Ty you would be silly to discount Fin as a Superbowl contender.
5 (1) Kansas City Chiefs6-2Maybe dropping Warren 4 spots after losing 2 games is too much, granted one of those games he was missing his X-Factor QB. But the 4 teams ahead of him have earned their stripes especially Fin who beat a non-suspended KC team.
6 (14) San Francisco 49ers7-1Mindfires 7-1 record is very impressive. There will be no competition for the NFC West title at least this year. However the Niners have yet to win a game against anyone in the top 10 of the rankings. Not to worry In the next 5 weeks Mindfire plays Boom, Pest, Danny and Jordan so we will see if he deserves a top 5 spot or if his record is just a product of a cake-ish schedule.
7 (6) Baltimore Ravens6-2Jordan is rocking the 6-2 record but he is also rocking losses against Warren and P-town. With upcoming games against Fin, P-town (again), Troy and Mindfire, We will see if Jordan can when against some tough opponets and create breathing room between him and the Bengals who are breathing down his neck.
8 (5) Green Bay Packers5-4Okay maybe there is a little bias in these rankings but Im not quite ready to give up on Pest and the Packers. Yes, he has lost to some questionable opponets (Slim & Derek) but who hasnt. Expect Pest to bring his A-Game in the rest of his division matchups and if he can make the playoffs well then it is anyones game.
9 (15) Indianapolis Colts4-3Isaias has not won a game since the last power rankings dropped over a week ago. Two of these losses have come from the hands of Warren and Fin but the G$ loss has to make you wonder whether he can make a real push for the playoffs in a loaded AFC.
10 (7) Cincinnati Bengals5-3P-town has a couple head scratching losses. I mean he gave a winless team their first win TWICE. P-Town self admittledly plays down to his oppponets level. That being said, P-town still can give the best users a run for their money. If he is going to win his division and make a run at the AFC CHampionship he better stop losing to tier 4 users
11 (13) Minnesota Vikings5-4Arlen is hard to read, he has beat a couple decent users in Gridirion and Willie but he has also lost blue and Donny. Sitting at 5-4 in the NFC if he can pull together a few more tough victories dont be sur;pised to see the SKOl crew in the playoffs.
12 (4) Chicago Bears4-4Willie is in a precarious position. He has lost 4 of his last 5 yet still sits in prime position to pull it together and make a push for the NFC N title. Only time will tell if we see the Willie of old or [insert willie leaving for 2k joke here].
13 (19) Philadelphia Eagles6-2Donny is playing well, winning the games he should and maybe some he shouldn’t (See Philly v. Chicago). For me, he is one of those team you look at and say really? He is 6-3? With not a whole lot of tough competition on the schedule going forward Donny is probably a shoe in for the playoffs but does he have what it takes to actually make a run?
14 (11) Seattle Seahawks5-4Boom is sitting at 5-4. It might be a little late to make a playoff push but he can defitnelty play spoiler to some playoff teams. Boom is good player with kind of a bad team. Give Boom a couple drafts to play around and he will be a top team again.
15 (25) Tennessee Titans5-3KmcD isa homie so Ill sugar coat it a little bit. His schedule has been a little cake thus far. With the games remaining on his schedule going .500 would be a good finish
16 (12) New England Patriots4-5Davey is under .500 after nine games.Two things have been consisntent since I joined the league, Davey being the Patriots and the Patriots having a stranglehold on the division. With the dominance of Troy and the stacked AFC looks like Davey maybe on the outside looking in come playoff time.
17 (17) Miami Dolphins3-4If things go right, Kyle can finish about 8-8. His regime reminds me of when Pete Carrollfirst took over the Seahawks and had 100 roster transactions in one offseason.Those seeds will take time to grow. Kyle remains middle of the pack
18 (27) New York Giants5-4A win against Arlen and a record of 5-4 is really all thats keeping Blue above the bottom 10
19 (26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-4At 4-4 a couple wins from Nano and KmCd boost Flex to the top of the bottom half
20 (16) Washington Redskins3-5“Grid: I have a top defense; these power rankings are Bullshit. Also Grid in his last 7 games: 1-5-1 Me:… “
21 (9) Pittsburgh Steelers2-5Steele is kind of the reverse Grid. I dont think he has won a game since I ranked him top 5.
22 (20) Denver Broncos4-5“G$ probably deserves to be a little higher.He is only 4-5 and he did beat Isaias….but Im already this far in so I’m not changing it “
23 (22) Arizona Cardinals3-6Hey look Seran isnt winless anymore yay. All that time labbing is starting to pay off.
24 (18) Los Angeles Rams3-5Nano drops some games. Nano drops some spots
25 (21) Buffalo Bills2-6If I talk about Gridiron again…does my salt level increase? Cory wants to be higher than Grid in the rankings since he beat him. Although I’m not quiet there, that win does keep him out of the bottom 5
26 (23) Dallas Cowboys2-6Things are kind of falling apart in Big D but hey at least isnt holding out in Madden.
27 (28) Carolina Panthers2-5Woats has two wins so thats pretty cool. But they are only against Seran and myself so not cool.
28 (24) Detroit Lions1-6Remember when Detroit was undeafetd? Oh good ole week 1 we miss you.
29 (29) Oakland Raiders1-6Derek beat pest. But it was on shit wifi…Still beaqting Pest is enough to rise above the rest of the one win teams, bad wifi or not
30 (31) Atlanta Falcons1-7Although I think My win or P-town is more impressive than Allen’s over Nano…I still give the coveted 30 spot to Allen because he whooped me up one time in the beta
31 (32) Jacksonville Jaguars1-86 picks! good enough for one win and one spot increase in the rankings
32 (30) Cleveland Browns0-8Sorry Shrimp someone had to be last I think Shrimp still has the ability to get some W’s this year and climb the rankings…a little

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