When I say New England and 3-4 in the same sentence, you’d automatically assume I am talking about their defensive scheme. But this is no coach Fin breakdown, I’m talking about Win-Loss. The Patriots sit distantly behind the AFC elite with no signs of turnaround after a tough loss to the undefeated Jets. So is now the time to prepare for the inevitable?

We have seen this before. Let us rewind to the Kareem Hunt show where the Chiefs dropped 40+ on opening night and the Patriots were asked if Tom was through. Two super bowl appearances and a title later, we are right back to where we were, wondering if this is the end of the road for the Greatest to ever do it.

The Patriots drafted Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham in the 4th round of the Nashville NFL Draft, and the Kentucky native may find himself with the starting team reps sooner than expected. In the game that Brady passed Peyton Manning for 2nd on the All Time passing yards list, the word around Boston is that it will be Stidham who will be leading the team next Sunday, or is this a smokescreen, fuel set by the media to spark the fire we have seen lead this Patriots team to 6 super bowl rings.

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