Vikings soar and Cowboys plummet! See where the rest of the teams land after four weeks of action!

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Week 4 power rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (1) Kansas City Chiefs4-0Chiefs remain dominate in their play and for the 3rd Power Ranking in a row takes the top spot
2 (2) New Orleans Saints4-0The Saints keep rolling in the wins. Danny will take on Willie in week 7 as his next big test
3 (4) Los Angeles Chargers3-1After an unexpected loss in the first game of the season to Isaias Ty defends his honor against Fin and the Texans. Looking forward to his week 6 matchup vs. Steele
4 (3) Chicago Bears3-1Willie loses a close one to Arlen and drops a spot in the rankings. Maybe it was too early to crown him.
5 (5) Green Bay Packers3-1Pest-o remains on track after dropping the first game of the season. Expect the Wins to keep piling on at least until he meets Mr.GotStick himself in week 8
6 (8) Baltimore Ravens3-1Annnnd Jordan climbs two spots in the ranks despite taking an L to Warren. This is mostly related to Steele and Fin dropping a few spots
7 (12) Cincinnati Bengals3-1Wins against Steele and Boom are enough to propel P-Town into the top 10. Maybe this is a good team? I’m Ron Burgundy?
8 (11) New York Jets3-0Coming off a bye this week Troy remains one of the few undefeated teams. Unless Kyle can pull off an upset or two, Troy has a legit shot to finish 12-4 AT WORST.
9 (6) Pittsburgh Steelers2-2Steele what is you doing bb, I boost you in the rankings and you lose SMH. We will see week 6 when he takes on Ty if this really isn’t his year.
10 (7) Houston Texans2-2Can’t fault Fin too much for taking L’s to Danny and Ty. But with Warren and Isaias in the next 3 weeks Fin is going to need some Wins if he wants to hang on to the top 10
11 (13) Seattle Seahawks2-2Of all the 2-2 teams Boom has probably faced the toughest schedule. Things should ease up for Boom the rest of the season.
12 (9) New England Patriots2-2Is Davey’s reign of dominance over in the AFC East? IDK but losing to Troy and Steele isn’t going to help anything.
13 (20) Minnesota Vikings3-1Arlen lost an Overtime battle vs Pest and Won a tight game vs Willie. The Viks find themselves climbing the ranks after a strong showing thus far
14 (15) San Francisco 49ers2-1Mindfire is still riding his week 2 victory over Ptown to help him climb the power rankings
15 (18) Indianapolis Colts4-0Isaias has yet to lose and took a surprise W against Ty. We will see if he can keep it up and make a push for the division title.
16 (16) Washington Redskins3-1Gridiron stays put in the ranks. If he can get some victories against strong opponents, he will make a case to rise in the next few weeks
17 (17) Miami Dolphins1-3Kyle is the highest ranked user with a losing record having played Jordan and Ty already…his schedule doesn’t look to be getting any easier
18 (14) Los Angeles Rams2-2Nano drops 4 spots in the power rankings after a surprise loss to Flex
19 (21) Philadelphia Eagles2-2This is when you start getting into a big group of guys who will miss the playoffs. Does anyone really care about rankings in the late teen to mid-20’s
20 (26) Denver Broncos2-2G$ falls into the better than the bad guys but not good enough to make playoffs range of the power rankings
21 (22) Buffalo Bills1-3Cory drops a game to his best friend or arch nemesis (depending on who you ask) but hey at least he got the monkey off his back by getting his first W already
22 (19) Arizona Cardinals0-4It’s been rough sailing so far for the league’s most pleasant morning person. I expect Seran to put it together soon and start climbing the ranks
23 (10) Dallas Cowboys1-3Slim plummets in the rankings after being mistaken for Mindfire in the initial ranks. Hey, it was fun while it lasted.
24 (24) Detroit Lions1-3Hey at least Tony already has the Lions worst season beat by getting that week one win against Seran
25 (25) Tennessee Titans1-3KMcD kicked my butt last week so…he doesn’t drop in the rankings
26 (27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-2Well Flex did beat Nanners this week, but he will have to string together a few more to really climb in the rankings
27 (23) New York Giants1-3Blue has beat flex so that’s something?
28 (28) Carolina Panthers1-3Woat has a win against Seran, we will see if he can defend his 28th ranking next week against the Jags and that Stiff D
29 (29) Oakland Raiders0-4Looks like the dysfunction AB brings has carried over to the virtual gridiron as well
30 (30) Cleveland Browns0-3Shrimp has all the pieces, but can he put it together once he gets a few user games under his belt
31 (31) Atlanta Falcons0-4If Allen is going to take the division from Danny, he better start piling on some wins.
32 (32) Jacksonville Jaguars0-4New cycle Same old Mr. Lance

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