Top Madden season is here! The league kicks off Tuesday night at 9:30 EST after an entire summer of anticipation. Every team will play week one, so lets breakdown out matchups.

Green Bay @ Chicago, Thursday Night Football

What better way to kick things off with one of the best divisional matchups this cycle. Reports from Chicago indicate the Warden has returned and Alcatraz with him. They have a tough road ahead as Pest wields an X-Factor Aaron Rodgers who has a history of ruining Chicago dreams. A must watch for sure.

Los Angeles (LAR) @ Carolina

Nano is the early favorite in this matchup due to roster talent alone. Cam Newton may be forced to check down routinely due to pressure from the leagues best player Aaron Donald, but fortunately for Carolina, that means the ball in the hands of their best weapon Christian McCaffrey who if not contained, can absolutely change the entire game.

Washington @ Philadelphia

The Skins head north to take on one of the top rosters in in Madden 20. Grid has high hopes to build the young Ohio State talent on this roster but a matchup like this so early in the season could cause for a bump in that road to rebuild. Donny returns as the Eagles this year that has added quite a few weapons via FA and draft that makes him an early favorite for not only this game, but the division as well.

Buffalo @ New York (NYJ)

One of the many divisional matchups this week, we have New York battle early. The Jets are looking to set that tone after predictions of a bad year one loom over their heads. Buffalo is in a full rebuild but the exciting young Josh Allen and Ed Oliver look to kick off 2019 the right way.

Atlanta @ Minnesota

Both users that possess these teams are really unknown across the Top Talent pool. Allen joins his first season landing one of the most dynamic offenses the league possesses but has never played in a league of Tops caliber. Arlen, not Allen, enters his second season in Top with a LOADED team which is much different than the Miami roster he took over last year. A dark horse candidate for sure if he truly was just held back by his M19 team, he should look to come out firing.

Baltimore @ Miami

Kyle returns to Top Madden and gets a home debut against a perennial playoff user. If that wasn’t bad enough, its his favorite team who gets the first chance to hand him a loss. Jordan surprisingly takes Baltimore this season and has some shiny new toys he would like to show off to the happy people of Florida.

Kansas City @ Jacksonville

The league voted Kansas City most likely to win the AFC, and Mahomes was high on the list of MVP predictions, he gets a chance to show his stuff in year 3 against the best defensive roster in the NFL. Ramsey vs Hill, Calais vs Schwartz, Telvin vs Kelce. This is gonna be fun.

Tennessee @ Cleveland

Can you remember the last time the Browns were a favorite to win opening day? 2019. Right Now. Shrimp takes on the pressure of the Cleveland momentum towards greatness. KMcD has been pretty quiet all offseason but looks to clean up a sloppy Madden 19 and turn it around with Marcus Mariota.

Indianapolis @ Los Angeles (LAC)

Its fitting for Ty, who was so close to taking Indy, to face them week one. Having already experienced a taste of what Marlon Mack is capable of, expect Ty to play no games early. Bosa and Ingram will be coming full force for 4 quarters. Isaias needs to find a way to score early and often but fortunately he has X-Factor Andrew Luck to help out. With Pro Reads zone ability he literally will be told who is open, so help yourself here.

Cincinnati @ Seattle

PTown vs Boom is always going to be a meme of a matchup but this year, they are both in rosters with shining talent. The key matchup will be Bobby Wagner and what he can do to shut down Mixon on the ground and Eifert in the red zone. On the other side, Geno is a wrecking ball but Russell and his young receiving corps will cause fits for a secondary that isn’t exactly the most lock up group.

San Francisco @ Tampa Bay

Dan make noise with a third place finish in the Top Madden Invitational and he gets a favorable matchup week one with Tampa. I doubt Flex has even bought the game at this point, but if he has he should struggle early with Dan’s defense who was notorious even in the last cycle. But Mike Evans can be a great equalizer so its on Sherman to lock him up.

New York (NYG) @ Dallas

Blue vs Slim is a matchup that normally would favor Blue. But in this case, Blue has to deal with the best OL in the last decade. Slim really needs to limit turnovers and put all the pressure on Barkley to beat a stacked box if he wants to escape week one with a W. Blue will have to counter by getting Engram and Tate involved early and often and force Dallas into a pass first game

Detroit @ Arizona

Tony won his lone TMI matchup against Allen but is heavily underpowered heading into week one against Seran. His saving grace is that Murray doesn’t have escape artist to bringing pressure in key situations may influence this game more than we think.

Pittsburgh @ New England, SNF

When Cory took Bills, Davey felt nothing but relief knowing his days of dominance from Steele were over, well not so fast my friend…thats just a phrase I don’t consider Davey a friend…Steele is right here for a week one ass whooping and its a battle of the QBs in Foxborough. Josh Gordon’s status is a huge factor as a lack of Gronk and a true WR1 may put Davey at too much of a disadvantage.

Houston @ New Orleans, MNF

A high powered matchup featuring two of the best receivers in the NFL kicks off the MNF double header. An exciting matchup between two users who are both extremely confident in their rosters and abilities. The obvious advantage has to go to New Orleans off of Drew Brees arm alone, but we all know the deadliest player on the field will be Alvin Kamara. Expect bracket coverage all day long.

Denver @ Oakland, MNF

Derek gets a layup here against a team that really has no answer at QB. Derek has really come along as an offensive threat the last few cycles and this will be a defining year for him. A big week one victory would be huge for his confidence early.

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