Pest – Thor. He relies on his strength and sometimes acts impulsively. He’s a shoot first ask questions later kinda guy.

Woat – Professor X. He’s a leader but prefers to help from the sidelines. Also sometimes he shaves his head.

Ty – Ant Man. Depending on what time it is in chat, he’s either really tall or really small.

Danny – Captain America. Strong user, he always acts in the best interest of his team and the league.

Cory – Doctor Strange. Determined and stubborn. Sometimes he can be abrasive but he always wants to do good and has the best intentions.

Jordan – Captain Marvel. He came in strong and still has a lot left to show. Also is the de facto leader of Jordan Crew.

Kyle – Falcon. He’s one of Captain America’s closest friends, and he also likes to make the occasional cheeky comment.

Seran – Punisher. He makes sure people who break the law pay for their crimes.

Davey – Deadpool. No matter how hard you try he can’t be killed, or silenced. He will literally never stop annoying you.

Warren – Iron Man. Hes confident,  and he surrounded himself with the tools the be the best.

Lance – Black Widow. He may not be the strongest, but he is loyal and reliable.

Fin – Starlord. He loves to sing and entertain, he prefers being in the spotlight.

Mindfire – Scarlet Witch. He is able to pull out some magic with his YouTube money plays.

Ptown – Hulk. He’s got the broad shoulders, and the brute force to just bomb passes against you until you get beaten down.

Troy – Mysterio. He is all smoke, and he resents the people in power.

Grid – Bucky Barnes. Although he’s broken the law in the past, he is still fiercely loyal to the league.

Gmoney – Invisible Woman. Pretty self explanatory here.

Shrimp – Squirrel Girl. He likes to make people laugh and oftentimes surprises people with his power.

Flex – Daredevil. He’s not afraid to take risks, seen by his affinity for four verts.

Isaias – War Machine. He’s a loyal friend and sidekick.

Slim – Groot. A much gentler heart than Rocket, but doesn’t speak a whole lot.

Donny – Rocket Raccoon. Attached at the hip with Groot and is the only one to understand him when he speaks, but talks enough for both of them.

Willie – Loki. There are two versions of Willie, the good one and the bad one. You never know which you’re playing until the game is almost done. Has gotten in trouble for breaking the rules often.

Allen – The Human Torch. He brings the heat in 2k, and he is a wildcard for the upcoming season.

Blue – Miles Morales. Up and comer who is learning from his older version, Steele.

Steele – Spider-man. Always joking, but he still has the strength and skill to beat you.

Boom – Drax. He is calm and likes to joke around when he’s hanging out. But gets very angry in the heat of battle.

Tony – Hawkeye. Not always seen, he likes to quietly drop back and beat you with a long shot.

Derek – Black Panther. When he is around he’s calm and polite, but often times he is very far away from everyone else.

Nano – The Thing. It’s clobbering time, for his controller.

Kmcd – Quicksilver. He barely has made any appearances and when he does they are very quick.

Arlen – Mr. Fantastic. He brought his own little group in as Arlen Crew that he leads, but works well with everyone else outside of his group too.

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