Four more days and we’re all sick of waiting. We’ve had power rankings, we’ve talked about how good some of these teams are and we’ve had initial reactions to team selection.. But at the end of the day who ended up with the best and worst team based on their skill sets? These are all based on Day 1 rosters before any trades are made, no draft capital considered etc.

The 5 Best matches:

  1. Warren – Chiefs

Not going to beat this dead horse much more, Warren to the Chiefs is a match made in heaven and the best user/roster match in the league. We’ve seen it in the power rankings, we’ve seen it in every team reaction, this is really going to suck for the rest of the AFC. Patrick Mahomes has to be the day 1 MVP favorite and this defense has just enough juice with the team’s offseason additions of Frank Clark & Tyrann Mathieu to hold down the fort.

The biggest question for Warren and the Chiefs will be what style of jersey he wants to wear week in and week out, because this roster really has no glaring needs that he won’t be able to fix with a couple decent drafts. 

  • Danny – Saints

Danny has played Russian roulette with team selection the past two years, taking a mediocre Titans team in m18 and a pretty rough Giants squad in m19 for the sake of Baequan. While our most stoic CM still pulled off a ring in Nashville, we haven’t seen him put his M16/17 dominance on display in quite some time. The selection of the Saints tells me that Danny is ready to get back to pushing for perfect seasons all cycle and the rest of the NFC South should probably settle for the fact that he’s going to win the division every season.

The biggest question for Danny is going to be the same issue that the Saints face in real life, Father time vs. Drew Brees. Will the 5000-yard man retire after season 1 or season 2? Regardless Danny will have some important decisions to make, and the only way he is going to get a top draft pick to get an elite rookie replacement is to give up talent elsewhere on this team.

  • Troy – Jets

The absolute disrespect Sean Tasker put on this man’s name predicting a 6-10 record season one may Fuel Troy to greatness. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but with this roster I fully expect our resident Warrior Monk to have a winning season and compete for a playoff spot. The Jets have a sneaky good defense and offensively Troy really doesn’t need much else. Expect Lev Bell to catch cramps after a year away from football, because he’s going to average an easy 30+ touches a game in this clock controlling scheme.

The biggest question for Troy will be how quickly he is able to fill his glaring needs at corner and offensive line. Time management won’t take you far if your corners are getting torched and your OL doesn’t allow Bell time to get to the hole. History tells us there won’t be many OL traded season 1, so Troy better put all the chips on the table to make the rest of his defensive backfield elite alongside Adams & Maye. 

  • Willie – Bears

I still don’t understand how this is a thing but here we are, some Cinderella stories write themselves. We picked up a lot of new core users in M19, but none of them have really seen the competitor that Willie can be. Our guy has gotta be all in on his Bears this cycle to get back to his reputation as one of the best spread offenses in the league. If Willie shakes off the rust, this roster will take care of the rest.

The biggest question for Willie (Insert 2K joke here) will be whether he can get his mind right and compete with Pest for the NFC North. Arlen is no slouch with a talented Vikings defense either, might a year away from commitment to madden roll over in to M20?

  • Ptown – Bengals

Who else would delude themselves in to thinking the Bengals were a top half roster in the league? Unfortunately for the rest of the AFC North, Ptown’s biggest strength has always been more in the belief in himself than the actual ratings on the screen. He’s all in and that’s what makes this such a good team fit. There are enough young talents on this roster to make this an extremely frustrating team to play and there’s no reason to believe our guy won’t come out and compete for the AFC crown early on.

From a roster perspective the Bengals have plenty of question marks and quite a few of their marquee players such as Geno Atkins & AJ Green are getting up there in years, but the biggest change lies under center. Ptown found his stride with mobile QBs last year and the red rocket does not fit that mold – can he throw dots Baybeeeee????

League worst team fits:

  1. Derek – Raiders

This poor guy. He played his best madden in years last year only to come up short year in and year out in the hardest division in the league. Glad that’s over with right? Nah, this year he ends up in a division with 2 of the top 3 rosters in the game in the toughest conference we’ve ever seen. As if that wasn’t bad enough Derek found his stride last year with an elite ground game and talented defense. In Oakland he inherits an 85 speed Josh Jacobs a slightly above average offensive line and a dumpster fire of a defensive core.

The only way for Derek to take this squad is up, expect him to make moves early to try to piece together a linebacking core and accumulate as many draft picks as possible.

  • Woat – Panthers

Yeah I know, the Panthers are a really strong team and an easy top 10 roster this cycle – how are they on the worst fit list? Well, Woat didn’t exactly make the AFC Championship in M18 because of his great offensive prowess. He’s going to have a ton of fun with CMC and chucking it up to DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel, but if history tells us anything expect him turn the ball over quite a bit too. Defensively this team is set up to give up points in bunches. Aside from Donte Jackson this is an extremely mediocre defensive backfield and I wouldn’t expect much out of the pass rush early on. Brian Burns will be a stud with time but dev doesn’t happen overnight and he has to compete day one with the Saints x-factor laden offense, the unknown of Allen with Julio & Ridley, and Flex throwing 4 verts 20 times a game to Evans & Howard.

Good dev and a few trades will have Woat doing okay, but the choice to make a CM heavy division in the South will hurt his chances of ever making the playoffs.

  • Blue – Giants

Blue is a bit of an unknown quantity and this may end up being completely wrong, but from what we saw last year he was most successful outside of the pocket extending plays and finding receivers in space. You aren’t gonna be able to do that with Eli or Daniel Jones the 63 overall bum. Saquon’s thighs and a division without a clear cut winner could really help Blue’s chances.

TLDR; everybody is going to disagree with all of these. Will have to wait for madden to release so we can see how it all shakes out!

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