1 Seed – Chiefs (Warren)
2 Seed – Texans (Fin)
3 Seed – Pats (Davey)
4 Seed – (Steele)rs
5 Seed – Ravens (Jordan)
6 Seed – Jets (Troy)

The AFC comes out season one as an absolute slug-fest, and the AFC North proves to be the most competitive division in Top once more. Unfortunately for the North, the constant competition eats at their records and leaves Steele to settle for the four seed, but primed for the playoffs. Jordan runs his way to the fifth seed with Lamar, leaving Ptown just out of the playoffs and Shrimp not too far behind.

Warren passes for 7,000 yards with Mahomes to take the one seed. Ty looks to make a late season run with the Chargers to sneak into a wildcard spot but he loses out on tiebreakers. G$ underwhelms with a star studded Broncos defense, but morale is down after taking a 54-7 beatdown by the Chiefs twice a year. Out of the gate Derek surprises the league, but his Best Buy schedule gets the best of him, and falls off late in the season.

Fin grabs the second seed, obviously winning 12-14 games this season while beating up on the much less competitive AFC South. Lance surprises the league by not having the first overall pick this season, some say he had Fin play a few games for him, but we will never know. Isaias finishes just barely behind the wildcard race, but in prime draft position to prepare for season two.

The AFC East will surprise people with the compeition this year. The biggest question mark is will Kyle survive this madden cycle, or will it consume him for the third straight year. Ultimately, the Dolphins just aren’t competitive enough to compete for the first season, but look out season two, they could be ready. On the back of Tom Brady, in what many assume to be his last year in the league, Davey takes the Pats to the division title, but not without some healthy competition and another late season run by Troy to grab a wildcard spot with the underdog Jets.

1 Seed – Saints (Danny)
2 Seed – Packers (Pest)
3 Seed – Niners (Mindfire)
4 Seed – Eagles (Donny)
5 Seed – Vikings (Arlen)
6 Seed – Seahawks (Boom)

Man, the NFC is going to be competitive this year. Two divisions that are going to be beating each other up season after season, the NFC North and the NFC West. Ultimately, Pest comes out victorious in the former, thanks to Rodgers and some suspicious player editing. Arlen is able to use Theilen and Diggs to snag the fifth seed and a playoff spot. Unfortunately for Willie, someone Tony beats him one game and Willie gets hooked to NBA Jam until 2k comes out and madden falls by the wayside.

Everyone sees Danny running away with the NFC season one, and while I have mocked him as the number one seed, don’t count out the rest of his divison. Allen comes in with a team ready to contend day 1, and an unknown user skill level that the league has to be prepared for. Flex could go 4-12 or 12-4, it just depends on how he is able to play defense. We already know hes going to be throwing verts to OJ Howard and Evans all day, but can the scoring stay above the points his defense gives up? We will have to wait and see. Woat is yet another wildcard, how soon we forgot that Woat took the Browns the to AFC Championship just two maddens ago. This Carolina team has the pieces it needs to make the playoffs, and it just depends on if Woat can make time between Starbucks shifts to play.

The NFC West will slug it out this season, with four users who all have previous playoff experience. Seran comes out hot with the upstart offense of the Cardinals, but his defense just won’t be able to keep up. Be ready season two, add a few key defensive players and that’s a whole new team. Mindfire will take the division though, he has the speed on offense combined with a strong pass rush to get the perfect balance of offense and defense for this tough division. Boom is able to grab a wildcard spot, but his playoff hopes don’t look so good after DK receives an unprecedented 16 game suspension for averaging 80 ypc on 70 receptions. With the defending NFC champions Nano falls just short of a wildcard spot, losing out on a tiebreaker with Boom for the last spot.

We finish off this summary with the NFC East. Donny is able to take the four seed to make the playoffs, with Grid not far behind him. Look to season two for this division to become much more competitive, with Grid and Blue grabbing the pieces they need to build contenders. Despite having the Cowboys, Slim just isn’t able to keep up with his division from the rampant skill in the rest of the NFC.

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