Positional Rule Change Updates for Top Madden

This cycle the CM team will be implementing some new rules that require their own post to explain. Our focus this offseason was to create a sim environment that allows for more flexibility to create unique playstyles. The key to these rule changes is YOU. These rules don’t work and exist if you the user don’t keep the sim interest in mind at all times. There will be several new position rules introduced this cycle, and if you break the rule once, you lose the option to use it for an entire season. If too many break it, we revert the rule altogether.

That being said lets do this.

#1 HB to FB in Pistol formations

Similar to what many option offenses are doing, we want to allow you guys so find unique ways to use your RB depth. With this rule, if there is a fullback in the formation you may formation sub in a running back. There is no restriction on which RB you put there.

Note: you cannot replace a TE with a HB in pistol, you may replace a TE with a FB as we allow FB to play tight end normally.

If you are presnap with a HB at FB in pistol, you may not audible to an IForm/Strong/Weak Formation.

#2 Safety to Sub LB


We will be allowing certain safeties to play sub LB if they fit the following parameters:

  1. 213+ lbs
  2. Run Stopper Scheme

**Nickel Normal/2-4-5 is not eligible for this rule**

There are currently 18 players that fit this mold. They are:

  • Jamal Adams
  • Derwin James
  • Nate Ebner
  • Rayshawn Jenkins
  • Harrison Smith
  • Jabrill Peppers
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Kenny Vacarro
  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Keanu Neal
  • Jaquiski Tartt
  • Lano Hill
  • Brian Cole
  • Patrick Chung
  • Marcus Allen
  • Landon Collins
  • Josh Jones
  • Kavon Frazier

If they are not on this list, they cannot play sub LB. EVEN IF YOU DEV THEM TO RUN STOPPER.

Also, if at any point one of these player’s main scheme becomes a Hybrid or Zone, they are no longer eligible to play the position.

Note if a drafted safety meets the parameters, they may play. (You must notify and show the CMs that the player is run stopper scheme at time of draft)

Only 1 Sub LB spot may be filled with a safety, the other must be a natural offball LB.

#3 Edge Players to Rush DT

Many teams have pass rushers that can slide inside on pass rushing downs. We are now allowing certain edge players to play on the Rush DT position.

The parameters are:

  • 270+ lbs

Again, this is the RUSH DT depth chart position only. These players cannot play DT or 3-4 DE on base formations.

#4 DT to Rush DE

If an interior lineman has the edge threat or edge threat elite ability, they may play rush DE in the depth chart. THEY MUST PLAY THEIR NATURAL POSITION IN 4-3 and 3-4 base defenses.

The two players that currently fit this parameter is JJ Watt and Calais Campbell.

Final Words

One of the big features this year is blocker resistance. These new rules are meant to allow defensive users to move their DL players around and counter the resistance build up the OL gets throughout the game.

Keep in mind almost all of these rules have special stipulations and you are expected to know them every down. One mistake and you lose the option to play a player in that spot for an entire season.

This will be monitored closely and even as patches, drafted players, and dev takes place, these rules will be discussed each off season and are subject to change.