The MM-LoC Merger

Founded in M18, Top Madden was established via a merger of two of the greatest madden leagues of all time. Two leagues, the League of Champions and Madden Monarchy crossed paths in Madden 16 and as friendships grew it just felt right to join the leagues together to create the Greatest Madden League to Ever Exist. Here is a brief history on the leagues.

LoC: Started many maddens ago, the leaders of LoC, JD and Jeff, faced scrutiny as trade rapes, sketchy free agent drop signings, cheesy play, and even logging into a league users account to secure themselves a better player in the draft. Not being able to stand the heat, JD went AWOL, leaving he league and deleting the groupme chat completely. Leadership fell into the lap of one Ty Briscoe who has never looked back since. Appointing Willie, Danny, and Fin to the commish group LoC flourished in Madden 16 and 17.

Madden Monarchy: While MM has had its share of questonable activity and drama, the core leadership has acted appropriately and swiftly to ensure the league functions on all cylinders. Led by Jose and Pest, the league thrives on its content and sim values.

The Beginning of Top: These leagues functioned separate for multiple maddens until Madden 16, where LoC user Finloctopus saw a reddit message for an opening in Madden Monarchy. Taking over the Jacksonville Jaguars Fin dominated the AFC and faced off against the Niners of Kyle. The game was back and forth and looked to be a win for Jacksonville after a touchdown throw to Allen Robinson. BUT CAPTAIN FUCKING MUNNERLYN CANT WIN A ONE ON ONE AND STEFON DIGGS ENDED HIS SUPERBOWL HOPES. Following that season, Willie, Danny, and other LoC members joined MM and thus began the cycle that would lead to Top Madden.

Madden 19 Champions

Madden 18 Champions