As we enter the final few weeks of the season lets take a look at the AFC playoff picture and what the big matchups to watch will be.

Locked In

Firmly atop their positions are sit the Chargers and Bills. Warren and Khalil have been the class of the field thus far and are in no real danger of their playoff hopes being diminished. That being said, it is a new era of the NFL where only 1 team earns a bye week. So while the playoff is locked in, both team are expected to stay focused and compete for the 1 seed. Both teams have fairly diffucult schedules left as the Chargers take on LV and DEN next, and Khalil has two playoff matchups of his own with the Falcons and DIGGA’s Jets.

Safe, for Now

In the third seed sits the Baltimore Ravens. One of the more exciting teams thus far, the Ravens play have them in a comfortable spot. But, coming off a loss to the Steelers (8-5) a slip up in play could put them in danger of fighting for a wild card.

While not division leaders, the Wildcard spots are currently occupied by the Raiders (10-4), the Jets (9-4) and the Broncos (9-5). All teams have looked great throughout the year with some big wins, but need to fill the W column this last few weeks to ensure the best situation for them.

Get In, or Get Out!

With the safe bois knocked out, lets talk about my new favorite time line. Top Madden has added a fantastic user in Houston by the name of CodyYOUNGSon. and let me tell ya he its ready to spoil. The AFC South is within literally one game as the Colts currently lead 9-4 with Pest breathing down his neck at 8-5. The Colts and Hellcat have done a great job and cleaning up the INTs that have plagued him in the past but defensively they are allowing points left and right. They take on 2 more Playoff teams and in Week 17 they have their final matchup with the Jags who very well could win out. This week 17 matchup will probably amount to a Win an in scenario with the loser watching the playoffs from his couch.

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