As the season develops we have seen many players gain dev. Running backs Joe Mixon and Cam Akers have already hit their mark and joining them is Raiders WR Henry Ruggs who, quite frankly, dominated the Broncos to the tune of 227 yards and 4 Touchdowns. Ruggs improves to super star dev and gains the second wind ability. Which means he will recover fatigue quicker after running his 8th dagger route across the field 🙂

Joining Henry in the week 6 player of the week awards ceremony is his teammate Isaiah Johnson. With one of the stranger stat lines on the season, Isaiah totaled 4 force fumbles in one game. A top madden first no doubt puts him in the elite category of defensive talents.

Top Performing Rookies

The most important part of any Madden league is developing ones young talent to shine in the later seasons. Let us take a quick look at some of the top performing rookies thus far.

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