Through 5 weeks of Top Madden gameplay, just four unbeaten teams remain. What is even more impressive is how different all four play and look. Lets look at their Week 5 matchups and see how they shook out.

Lord Lamar delivers Allen B from Hell(cat)

The Ravens by far have the worst defensive play from the unbeaten rosters. Another cycle of speed investment puts them in a tough spot as far as making the plays down the line. But if this team can remain atop the AFC with its current state, just wait until the development hits. Taking on a red hot Carson Wentz and the Indy Colts, Lamar was fantastic throwing as many touchdowns as he had completions. The leagues top rushing offense looked great with JK adding a 100 yard day to the result.

Warden of the North

The last time this title in Top Madden was used, it referred to one Kareem Jackson. Now it belongs to the K1NG in charge of the Green Bay Packers. The lone undefeated NFC team continues to impress with a win over Cincy this week. What separates the Packers apart has been their defensive gameplay. Leading the league in most defensive categories, the Packers are able to cruise on offense with little pressure to win games on that side of the football. This week Rodgers missed on only 2 of his 16 pass attempts and Aaron Jones had a solid day with 119 yards on the ground.

SoleDrive with the sole spot atop the AFC East

The Bills are not here to fuck around. The Chiefs and Donny are always going to be a testament to one of two things. 1 how good at defense are you or 2. how good at scoring are you. The Chiefs were fresh off a 100+ point game against the Eagles and the Bills quickly put a stop to that nonsense. Holding the Chiefs to under 30 points was an accomplishment, scoring 40 of their own was just filthy. Zach Moss breakout campaign added another 2 touchdowns bringing the total to 7 on the year and Bills look like clear favorites for the division and maybe the AFC as a whole.

Same Shit Different Day

Its to no surprise that Warren remains among the unbeaten. But what does shock many is how the Chargers aren’t as clearly the best team we believed. Warren admitted that he believes he is in charge of every game and feels comfortable but it wouldn’t be fair to say the stat lines agree. The Chargers are able to score points but Justin Herbert has thrown 3 or more interceptions in 3 of the Chargers 5 games. On defense they have allowed an average of 32 points per game. While Warren will likely right the ship, there are concerns that this team will need to clean up prior to the post season. But for now, they sit firmly atop the AFC West.

Week 5 Players of the Week

Lamar was fantastic this week going 20/23 with 3 touchdowns. He added 50 yards on the ground to solidify his second POTW award.

For the second straight week a Falcon defender has stepped up to earn them a victory. This week TJ Green scored on both of his interceptions to spark the blow out of the New York Jets. The Jsmoove defense is looking fantastic and will be a fun story to follow this season as the Falcons being their post-Ryan rebuild.

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